How to work smart with your commercial cleaner

And get the most for your cleaning dollar.

Commercial cleaners have a lot in common with professional furniture movers... they are both super efficient — and that makes them very fast.

Why are we making this comparison? Because most of us have been through a move at some point. And a lot of us know that when cleaners arrive and if you are not prepared, time is passing and you are paying for it. Standing there surrounded by empty boxes is costly. Same with your cleaning team. It is a waste of money if your cleaner is spending time clearing clutter so they can clean and sanitize a workstation.

Keeping professional cleaners fast and efficient is up to you. You must make sure nothing stands in their way. Having cleaners move non-essential objects around a desk or counter top is an expensive waste of time and effort.

To keep control of expenses and prepare your business for exceptional cleaning results, remove the clutter! Get your staff on board with keeping things neat, put away in files, stored in their proper spaces. The additional benefit of organizing comes from increased productivity by office staffers.

This is also true when cleaning shared spaces. Like the break room. Prevent clutter in the first place by designating separate areas for coffee/tea preparation, food prep and storage. Put some effort into making sure everything is easily accessible.  And yes, that goes for the trash too. Keep a dust pan and broom handy, as well as wiping rags and paper towels. Make the space workable, comfortable, and easy to clear.

Remember the professional cleaners’ job is to clean and sanitize all surfaces and objects that are used during a typical workday. So, before the cleaners arrive pick up and put away equipment and materials, return files to folders, pick up trash. If your particular office deals with a flow of transient objects, like product samples, designate a holding area for daily storage.

Keeping on top of office clutter and preventing it from affecting your cleaning efforts takes daily attention but it is well worth the effort. It is also habit forming, in a good way. Your cleaning results will improve and you will probably notice overall productivity going up.