What should my office cleaning company be doing? And, when?

coffeeBlog.pngIf you are in a service aggrement or are considering hiring a commercial cleaning service, you should have a firm idea of what you expect. Take the time to think about what services you want, need, have-to-have. Make a cleaning area checklist and keep it handy when you discuss your services with a commercial cleaing supplier. DO NOT be shy at this point, specify the services you want. Adding on later is usually costly. Negotiate to fit the type of your business and how your facility is used.  

We are providing the following to help you put together a working list and a workable schedule for each task.


Offices & Client Reception Area

Dust and hand-sanitize 
All high-touch objects and surfaces including:

all hard surfaces (desks, counters, tables, large equipment)

all handles, knobs, railings, switches, desktop items such as phones, copiers, computers, lamps, etc

Sweep/Vacuum all hard surface flooring, Mop with sanitizing agent
Vacuum and spot clean carpets and rugs


Clean and polish glass and mirrors

Clean and sanitize glass, tile, dividers

Sanitize all handles, appliances, railings

Sweep and wet mop/sanitize flooring

Refill soaps, gels, paper goods

Change trash can liner.

Lunch Room / Break Room 

Clean microwave, coffee maker, food prep area
Organize and put away all condiments and utensils, refill dispensers
Clean spills and other soil. Wipe microwave inside and out. 
Refill paper goods. Ensure soaps, sponges and/or wiping cloths are accessible.

Clean exterior. Establish how contents of the fridge are handled (based on
the size of your staff and any ground rules concerning food storage)

Sweep and wet mop/sanitize flooring

Change trash can liner.


This interval is based on a facility with 10+ users. 

Restrooms and Food Handling areas

Clean and polish glass and mirrors if not part of daily schedule

Thoroughly sanitize all handles, appliances, railings. Scrub areas around sinks, doorways, and switches.

Move equipment on desktops or floors to clean hard to reach areas

Scrub and sanitize flooring. Buff public flooring. Clean or change mats.

Change trash can liner.


MONTHLY 4-6 weeks

Inspect vertical surfaces for dust and hand-prints. Check picture frames, plants for dust. Dust or vacuum as needed.

Vacuum vent covers, window coverings, ceiling fans, and furniture as needed.

Clean and polish any wooden furniture, including cabinet doors.

Organize and declutter shared storage spaces. Remove recycling. 

If nothing else, we hope this list of ideas will get you thinking and communicating what you want. That should lead you to a much better relationship with your cleaning supplier. 

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