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Make the most of your commercial cleaning budget.

For the best office cleaning, retail, or dealership cleaning, and large scale industrial/warehouse cleaning.

Our cleaning and janitorial service flexibility is an asset when working in a busy, fast-moving area like Woodbridge Township. There are many businesses of different types, serving both the business-to-business segment and the bustling business-to-consumer markets.


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The Township of Woodbridge is the oldest original township in New Jersey.

King Charles II granted it a royal charter on June 1, 1669.

Woodbridge Township was incorporated on February 21, 1798, as one of the initial 104 townships in the state. 

The township is named after Reverend John W. Woodbridge (1613–1696) of Newbury, Massachusetts, who settled here in 1664.]

Many people know Woodbridge as the place where the GSP and NJ Turnpike meet. NJT and Amtrak trains provide local and national transportation. The township also offers a large variety of developed parks, woodlands, a 99 acre wildlife preserve and myriad walkways along various waterways. 

In October 1982, Woodbridge made national news as the first locale in the U.S. to ban using the Sony Walkman while operating a vehicle. As of 2022, the township amended the code to bar the use of earphones and headphones rather than singling out the Walkman.



Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services to make your business stand out in Woodbridge, NJ

The best cleaning for your facility — from business office to school to retail business.


Hiring NLC Solutions, the professional, bonded and insured cleaning company, will save you money.

When our professionals are doing your cleaning, you and your staff are free to build the success of your business. Enjoy a clean, productive atmosphere without having to search for cleaing supplies, trash liners, and paper goods.

Ready to hire a commercial cleaning service? Time to talk to the experts at NLC Solutions.

Our office cleaning and janitorial services will make your Woodbridge, NJ facility look great, improve productivity, and protect the health of your personnel — from the corner office to the loading dock.
A clean facility is the sign of a well run business and makes a great first impression. 

Business Office Cleaning, Janitorial, and Sanitizing Services

A Combination You Can Count on — Reliable Service, Guaranteed Results, Budget Friendly
We are full-service, we provide expert hard floor clean and wax services, 
as well as steam carpet deep cleaning.

NLC Solutions cleaning teams will apply their expertise and experience to make your business clean and healthy. Our reputation for great commercial cleaning is built on our loyal customers.  Our experts thoroughly clean and sanitize without disturbing sensitive equipment.
Our goal is a great looking business that is guaranteed clean and sanitary.

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Celebrating 35 Years of Great Commercial Cleaning

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Spray Disinfecting Services to protect your health

Our spray treatments make your facility hospital-clean, putting your health first.

Reliable, Guaranteed, Affordable.

victoryInset.jpgCovid-19 and its variants are an ongoing threat. Spray disinfecting, applied electrostatically, continues to play a big role in keeping your facility and staff healthy. We use Vital Oxide in our electrostatic sprayers. It is EPA rated 99.99% effective against coronavirus, plus influenza virus and the common cold. The mist is positively-charged and clings to all surface areas. It dries in place, working against viruses, mold, mildew, and odors. Read more about our Professional Spray Disinfecting program here.


hard floor waxing


We love giving older floors a new look. Our pain-staking process: strip; clean; wax; and polish to a lasting shine will put new pop in your older flooring. It's like a shoe-shine for the whole building.



NLC Solutions provides regular care and deep steam cleaning for your carpeting.

We have the equipment and trained operators needed to bring your rugs and carpets back to "like new" condition.  Find out more...