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Learn how electrostatic spray disinfecting is faster
and better.

It protects your facility and your staff against Covid-19, other viruses, mold and mildew.

Tough on the virus, harmless to people and pets.

Safe to apply. Safe to touch.

EPA listed - lowest toxicity. No need for protective gear during application.

Powered by Vital Oxide, our solution of choice for spray treating. It provides optimal germ and virus killing effectiveness while not posing any negative effects to people, furnishings, or equipment. The mist goes to work as soon as it coats a surface. No need to rinse (perfect for food contact areas). Once dry the area is ready for use. 

Effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria.
NSF registered as "no rinse on food prep surfaces."

Environmentally Friendly

After use, Vital Oxide's hero ingredient, chlorine dioxide, breaks down into water, oxygen, and simple salt, making it an excellent environmental choice.

No need to rinse or dry surfaces, even food contact areas. This makes it an ideal answer for kitchen, lunch room, or coffee station. It is also safe to use around electronic equipment.


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Kill 99.99% of disease causing organisms.

Beyond Covid-19...treatments effective on colds, flu and mold. 

spryGym.pngThe electrostatically charged mist gets into the corners and adheres to any surface, killing infectious contaminants within minutes. After drying it remains on the surface, providing lasting protection.

The water-based mist is electrostatically charged, it surrounds and clings to all sides of any hard surface.  The coating stays moist on the surface long enough to kill virus and bacteria. It then dries away, leaving a protective barrier against contamination.

Efficiency of application and fast dry time make it a practical answer for those high-traffic areas that benefit from frequent treatments.

Keep in mind that this solution has great staying power. It can be very effective when employed to augment your regularly scheduled cleaning.

The positively charged mist clings to all sides of any object, perfect for:  

  • Office and reception areas
  • Restrooms / Lockers
  • Gyms, Spas, Salons
  • Laundry Areas & Laundromats
  • Ambulances, Buses, Vans, and Limos