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Custom cleaning and sanitizing services. 

Best full-service commercial cleaning for your office, store, showroom, or classroom. 

Based in South Plainfield, NJ, we provide superior office and business cleaning services in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties.

We are family-owned and operated, and have been providing customers like you with spotless cleaning and sanitizing for 37 years. We are proud of our customer service, reliability, and attention to detail. Cleaning solutions specially tailored to your cleaning challenges are never a problem.

You'll love the personalized service and the impeccable results. We guarantee it.

We take pride in our work and in the clean and healthy results our reliable employees produce.  We value the long-lasting relationships we have built during our 35 years in business — with both our clients and our team members. Nothing makes us happier than a sparkling clean space and a satisfied customer.

We care about the health and well-being of our clients, our staff, and the community.

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Office and Business
Cleaning Tips by the pros.
Finding a Cleaning Service in 2023



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One-on-one service is what we do – planning your cleaning program to our friendly, professional cleaning staff to.

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Our cleaning teams arrive promptly and take pride in their work. 

We know great service is based on great communication.  An NLC Solutions team member will always be there when you call us.
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A NLC Solutions representative will always be available to spend time with you. We want to understand your needs and customize the service plan to fit your budget, your schedule, and how often you need cleaning. Our team will make sure that you can always find help with our services. We guarantee that we will take the stress outrespon_pic.png of cleaning your business. You will be able to put all of your energy into making your business a success. NLC Solutions will make sure your facility is clean, safe and healthy.

This level of ongoing accountability is your guarantee that NLC Solutions will never promise 
anything we can’t deliver 100%. The personal relationship also means that you can rely on us to go the extra mile all the time, especially when special situations arise.

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We bring the best in commercial cleaning and janitorial services to you!
We are currently cleaning businesses like your's throughout this 3-county area, in towns like: 
The Plainfields
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What we include in your cleaning estimate...

Accurate estimates set the stage for better results and a long, productive relationship.

We put a lot of work into every estimate we make. After seeing your facility, we build a comprehensive estimate — including everything you need, but nothing you don't. Getting a better idea of your needs helps us customize our service. Our goal is to make you fully satisfied with the cleaning we deliver.

For a truly clean and healthy facility, give NLC Solutions a call today to discuss your cleaning needs.

Our services are available on a month-to-month basis. We don't believe in long-term contracts. Instead, we rely on our trained and reliable cleaning teams, our terrific customer service, attention to detail, and our 100% guaranteed results to keep our customers. Our services are consistently the best available.


Let's talk cleaning...

Office and Business
Cleaning Tips by the pros.
Can a Cleaning Service increase productivity?

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Understanding the Three Stages of Cleaning 

Clean. Sanitized. Disinfected. These are not interchangeable statements. Each signifies a specific level of the process.

What is Cleaning? 
Cleaning “removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects.”

We use a variety of cleaning solutions to wash dirt, germs and virus from the surface being cleaned. 

What is Sanitizing?
Sanitizing “lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level."

We hand apply germ killing solutions directly to high-touch surfaces. The focus is on eliminating a high percentage of harmful germs and virus.

What is Disinfecting?
Disinfecting “uses EPA certified chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects."

Our preference for application is electrostatic spraying. This delivers a 99.99% effective solution to all surfaces, where it remains effective, even after drying. The solution air dries, minimizing downtime after treatment. It is so safe for people, there isn't even a need for personal protective equipment during application.

What level should you be aiming for?
Deep cleaning and de-cluttering your business is an essential level of cleaning when it comes to maintaining a high level of health – attracting and maintaining staff and customers.

Sanitizing is an automatic when NLC Solutions is cleaning your business. People touch things, all the time — everything from doorknobs to countertops to phones and equipment. Sanitizing is vitally important for restrooms, locker/shower areas, and gym equipmment.

Disinfecting is required for highly sensitive, high risk areas. Any facility dealing with medical, dental, or vision services should strive to be 100% free of any organic contaminants. This also applies when there is risk of transferring viruses, or bacteria from person to person.

Custom and Specialty Services

Spray electrostatic sanitizing, hard surface floor cleaning & waxing, carpet cleaning, post-construction or renovation cleanups, lease-end cleaning, and more.


From janitorial to full-service  commercial cleaning needs, NLC Solutions will have an affordable answer:

  • Janitorial – daily janitorial services will keep your business looking great and functioning efficiently
  • Commercial Cleaning – office buildings, medical facilities, restaurants, gyms/fitness centers, retail, private schools/daycare, libraries
  • Industrial Cleaning – manufacturing, factories, construction/remodeling cleanups
  • Floor Care – floor stripping, floor waxing, carpet cleaning
  • Green Cleaning – eco-friendly products and processes

We are available for one-time project work and on a regularly scheduled basis.

Don't hesitate to call for a Free Cleaning Assessment & Quote.

Call (908) 753-3900 or click here to contact us.


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Office, Retail, Warehouse, and Industrial — throughout Middlesex, Somerset & Union counties.