Running a business is all about managing people, finances, and just getting things done. One of the big tasks business managers face is keeping their facility and employees clean and healthy – day in and day out. Some businesses can be successful at this task by multi-tasking their existing employees. As a business grows this can become an unwieldy solution, especially when specially trained people are part-timing as maintenance support. 

cleaning2023To avoid this, the decision to actually hire an outside commercial cleaning service has been shown to be very effective. Especially true when it comes to superior cleaning results, smooth scheduling, minimal interruptions, and bottom line costs. 

If and when you make the decision to hire a commercial cleaning service, our advice is to slow down and carefully consider the choices you will be making. 

A cleaning service can vary from mediocre to outstanding, which can be problematic if you have no experience when searching for commercial cleaning that fits your needs. To help you find the right professionals, here’s some things to look for when choosing a professional cleaning company.

Proof of Reliability

A reputable company should have no trouble producing:
- References from established clients
- A time-tested track record as a good indicator of reliability
- Does the company have experience with cleaning in multiple industries?

Large enough to provide a wide range of services

- Cleaning most businesses presents a variety of challenges to a cleaning company. These range from the basics of daily cleaning to sanitizing and disinfection to floor care and cleaning in high-traffic locations. To smoothly deliver this range of services reliably, a company must be large enough to have a cleaning staff that is competent in all of these areas, familiarity with the various cleaning supplies required and the modern equipment required. 
- Not only must a company be large enough to support this variety of services, it must still be open to customizing to meet your needs. If a company is locked into a rigid set of rules, you may not be satisfied in the long run.

Value a company that values their employees

We firmly believe that a company that values their staff ultimately provides the best services to their clients. If a staff is well trained, supported by management, and fairly compensated, they will be more productive and motivated to produce great results.
- Reputable cleaning services will take the time to find and hire conscientious employees. They will also ensure that these employees are well-trained, able to efficiently perform their daily tasks while staying safe and healthy on the job.
- The integrity of employees is also an important point, background checks and references are essential. 

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies – Quality shows

- A cleaning service should be committed to using energy-saving, environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and supplies. This will save over the course of time, providing clean, odor free results and healthful sanitizing.

A fair, and complete estimate.

If the price quote you receive looks too good to be true, it may well be. Be sure to provide the candidate company with a thorough list of what you need to be cleaned, and how often. If you have an area that is high-traffic and you know it will require extra attention, make it part of the discussion. Surprises are never welcome. The original contract should be as thorough as possible. Add-ons tend to add up very quickly.

Of course, you will have to shop within your budget. But don't give up too soon. There is usually room for economizing. If an area doesn't require cleaning everyday, there may be savings available when scheduling your service.

Communication and Attention to Detail

Make sure your are totally comfortable when talking with your cleaning service candidates. Your goal is establishing a long-term relationship with a service you can trust. The better your communication is at the start, the easier it will be to maintain a productive association. 
- Once the cleaning has begun, make it a point to share your feelings about the work being done. Good or bad, say what you think. Sometimes miscommunications can cause a relationship to turn sour when a few minutes of discussion can solve the problem. 

Is there an emphasis on customer service?

How does your prospective cleaning company handle requests? Is their answer "Why not?" or "Why?"
Flexible service usually costs nothing extra. Businesses with a long successful track record know this, and also know keeping a customer is easier than acquiring a new one. They will go out of their way to make you happy. In fact, an experienced cleaning service knows what it takes to provide great results and can help you avoid potential problems.

Is there a contract? Is it needed?

We know there are many ways to contract for services. In some cases, both parties may feel more comfortable with a longer contract. This will be something you will have to negotiate. NLC Solutions on the other hand, depends more on performance than a long contract. We have a standard 30-day contract, mostly to clearly define services to be rendered. If, after 30 days, you are not satisfied, we request 30 days to correct the problem or terminate the relationship..


If you want your business to continually make a great first impression, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service

As we discussed, the cost of materials and organization are significant, even for an in-house effort. Losing trained staff to cleaning chores also has to be taken into account. If your business is not quite ready for a full-service cleaning company with a full schedule, please ask about customizing your cleaning to your needs. NLC Solutions will happily adjust your scheduled cleaning hours, specific areas to clean, and modify the emphasis given to more or less sensitive areas.

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