June is a great time for cleaning your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning in JuneThe constant attack of salt, grime, and muddy footprints has ended, leaving way too much dirt and grime in the fibers of your carpet. If left there, it will slowly wear away at the fibers and the carpet’s backing. Your carpet will age much faster.

A clean carpet will protect your health

Beyond the effects the trapped debris has on the carpet itself, there is the harm a dirty carpet inflicts on the people who are walking on it. Foot traffic stirs up the dust and dirt in the carpeting. Don’t forget the pollen season that has just ended. Just because it isn’t in the air doesn’t mean it is not in the carpet — ready to take flight whenever it is disturbed. Which, unpleasantly, brings us to the matter of dust mites. While they can’t fly, their droppings will take flight with other contaminants in the carpet, igniting allergies wherever they go.

Enough dire warnings!

We want to point out all the happy thoughts a clean carpet brings on. When your carpeting looks as good as a sunny day, everyone’s day gets better. A spot-free, deeply clean carpet looks great, smells fresh and brightens a room.

Getting the carpeting clean now will give you a whole summer to enjoy it.

If your carpets could use a good cleaning, one that gets them back to like-new condition, please call us.

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