lunchroom.jpgIf your lunchroom is not a pristine oasis where employees can enjoy their lunch or break time, there is not much point in having it. All of the positive aspects of a lunchroom or break room are based on its cleanliness. It should be pleasing to the eye, without clutter, trash, stains or spills. There should not be any unpleasant odors. This will take some effort.  And, a little preparation and planning will keep it from becoming an overwhelming task.

Let’s get started. 

First, clear all surfaces - remove all trash, debris, and put dirty dishes, cups, etc into the sink

Prepare a dish bucket or sink with hot soapy water. Make sure to have a dishcloth or sponge and a scrubbie. A spray bottle of sanitizing spray is essential. Use sanitizer after the soap and water cleaning. You will also need drying towels. Make sure you have enough towels for the whole job. If you don’t dry the surfaces, streaks will remain and ruin your efforts.

Remove all trash from all surfaces. This includes tables in the sit-down eating area. 

Wash all hard surfaces. Use your cleaning cloth to spread a generous amount of soapy water over every surface. Don’t worry about leaving it wet for a time, dried on food can take a minute to dissolve. Also keep in mind that plain soap and water is a good start to getting rid of bacteria and even viruses. 

Once all your surfaces are clean, dry, and sanitized we can move on to the appliances:

Clean the coffee maker. Empty and wash out the pot, empty and rinse the coffee filter. 

Clean the microwave. Wipe out the interior, making sure that any little explosions have been cleaned away. This isn’t the most fun you will have, but the microwave can be a major source of unpleasantries such as food debris and bad odors. Once the interior is cleaned and dry, give the outside a final cleaning. Wipe off all those fingerprints and buff to a perfect shine.

The refrigerator. Step 1, you need to make a decision on what your food storage dos and donts will be. When employees will use it for personal items, there should be a rule on things like: labeling of ownership dates, how long items can remain, a clean-out day, etc. 

The Floor. Once all counter tops and appliances are clean, it is time to vacuum or sweep all floor surfaces, then mop any hard surface flooring. Typically, lunchrooms have both hard-surface flooring, and carpeting depending on the area. Vacuuming/sweeping of both will usually be required on a daily basis. Mopping too can be an everyday task due to the possibility of food and beverage spills. It will depend on your level of traffic.

The Trash - we usually save emptying and replacing the liner as a last step. But, If it is overflowing when you get started, do it first.

Regular attention is the biggest single item when it comes to keeping your lunchroom in top condition. hen appointing someone in your group to manage it. If your team is all in on keeping things is great condition, that should be no problem. The reward for all involved is a fresh, inviting place to relax. This results in better morale and productivity, and even long-term health benefits.

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