Premium Service

Reliable and Guaranteed — at Affordable Prices

NLC Solutions has the expertise and experience to make your business sparkle — from the corner office to the loading dock. A clean facility makes a great first impression and helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your staff. 

Local Service

Your facility is cleaned by a friendly, familiar team every visit. And, if you want to discuss your service, you'll hear a failiar voice when you call.

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Independently Owned we can be totally flexible when it comes to cleaning your space — from schedule to emphasis to budget.

We are also available to do your project work, including hard floor clean and wax, carpet cleaning, and professional Spray Sanitizing.

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We bring you:
Experienced Cleaning Teams - Guaranteed Results
Flexible Scheduling - Detailed, Customize Services
Economical Full-service Cleaning front-to-back.

Our clients range from business and professional offices to large refrigerated warehouses. No job is too small or too big.   

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Customer service is
our #1 priority.

Worrying about your cleaning service should never be at the top of YOUR to-do list. We are reliable and detail-oriented so you never have to worry about your facility being clean and welcoming. 

Our independent status allows us to tailor our services to fit your operation.

Experience and expertise count when it comes to cleaning. 

Experience and attention to detail have taught us the finer points of cleaning just about any facility — from schools and churches to corporate interiors to gyms and locker rooms.

But we haven't stopped learning. If you have an idea about changes in your service, we are always willing to listen. In fact, we start listening to your needs from the first time we make contact.

Flooring and carpets. 

They are first thing you see and they leave the most lasting impression. 

We make that first impression a good one. Scheduled cleaning and  janitorial services include vacuuming and mopping so your floors are always looking great.

Time to rejuvenate that hard working floor?

NLC Solutions will services your floors when they are in need of a thorough cleaning:

  • We strip, clean, and wax hard surface floors
  • We provide deep-cleaning for rugs and carpeted areas. 


We do more than clean restrooms and staff areas, we can manage your paper goods, trash bags, and other supply inventory too.

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(908) 753-3900.  

Professional Spray Disinfecting

With Covid-19 and its variants an ongoing threat, spray disinfecting continues to play a big role in keeping your facility and staff healthy. It is also a great weapon against flu and the common cold. The positively charged mist clings to hard-to-reach areas, controlling mold, mildew, and odors.

Vital Oxide, the solution we use for all of our treatments, is 99.99% effective against covid-19 and harmful organisms. It is EPA listed as being safe for people and animals. 

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