Clean Carpet = Clean Air = Happy Customers

Clean carpeting is the first step to a clean office. If there is dirt and contaminants on the carpet, it will get into the air you breathe. 

Professionally cleaned carpeting all but eliminates that threat and also gives your business the professional look your customers prefer. Professional cleaning by NLC Solutions preserves your flooring investment by keeping your carpet free from the dirt and grit that can cause pre-mature wear. Our cleaning removes deep-down soil, preventing damage from ground-in dirt. This helps preserve the beauty of your carpet for years to come.

Hard Flooring Cleaning Service NJ


Carpet steam cleaning for fluffy results
Commercial grade cleaning machines
Deep soil removal
Odor and bacteria removal
Green carpet cleaning detergents
Carpet Protectant for high-traffic areas
Special attention paid to your furnishings and equipment

Our trained operators take pride in getting the details right! 

Remove furniture and other objects
Vacuum baseboards and mouldings and all areas where dust may be hiding
Pre-cleaning treatment - An eco-friendly cleaner/stain-remover is applied to loosen soil and stains.
Heated water penetrates stubborn dirt - special attention paid to corners and high-traffic areas. Extraction cycle removes soil, water and soap residue.
Carpet drying - powerful extraction and drying machines hasten drying time.
Depending on the pile height of your carpet, drying time is usually between two and four hours.

NLC Solutions. Trusted for 35 years to keep commercial carpeting looking its best. Near you in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties

Our system loosens dirt then vacuums it away. Your carpets are clean and fresh. We detergents specially formulated for carpeting — powerful against dirt yet gentle on the actual fibers. They are also formulated to leave a minimum of residue, avoiding allergic reactions and odd odors. Soil is removed along with germs, allergens, dust mites and bacteria – all the contaminants that can be stirred up into the air we breathe.

Tips & Techniques from the Cleaning Pros

BlogPgInset.jpgSeasonal Carpet Care

The more dirt and contaminants you can keep outdoors and off of your carpeting, the less time you will spend getting rid of it.

Timely Carpet Care

Keep your carpet cleaning on a schedule, and always do the full area. Often, some areas of the carpet don't seem to need cleaning, but what you don't see can hurt your carpet.