vac-hardfloor.jpgOk, you’ve invested in some nice carpeting for your business. Now, you have to keep it clean – and make sure it lasts a long time. 

The most important tool in managing your carpet’s cleanliness will be a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners, especially commercial grade machines, are made to provide you with many hours of cleaning performance. 

The following is a list of maintenance tasks and tips that will help you get a long lifetime of use from your vacuum. 

Empty the vacuum bag or container often. Many modern machines catch dirt in a solid container. This makes it easy to see and empty. Many vacuums use special paper bags to catch dirt and filter the air before it exits the machine. 

Change all filters regularly - most machines make it easy to change filters, and it is essential to do so. When filters are clean, air flows freely, suction is powerful and your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Strong suction plays a vital part in lifting out dirt and grit — enemies of your carpeting.

Clean the roller often, especially of hair, strings and other debris that can drag the roller.

Adjust the height of the vacuum properly. Different heights are required for bare floors and different height carpet fibers. Aim for a height that maintains good suction but not low enough to put too much strain on the roller.

Visually check the roller belt though you will probably feel it if it has broken. With the vacuum off and unplugged, try and turn the roller with your fingers. If it moves easily, the belt has stretched and should be replaced. Keep an extra belt handy. It is a fairly simple operation to change one.

Check the bristles on the roller for wear. Replace as needed. A “toothless” vacuum does not clean effectively if at all.

These tips should help you maintain your vacuum for a long time. And help keep your carpet at the same time. The replacement belts and filters can be purchased for less than $20 (much less than a new machine), and will only take a short time. We have seen vacuums discarded when all they need is some TLC.

If you are really mechanically challenged, there is probably a vacuum service shop nearby. They’ll be happy to help.