Top reasons why you should:


1. The lunch room kitchen can be a perfect environment for spreading bacteria, starting with unwrapped food, especially when kept for too long. Germs and bacteria can easily grow on these surfaces and then move throughout your facility.

2. Careless food handling and failure to regularly remove trash can spread germs and attract insects, or even rodents.

3. When food, cleaning tools, and other objects are properly stored, the lunch room provides a positive, relaxing experience.

4. When thoroughly clean and decluttered, the room will look good and be free from bad odors.

Depending on the size of your workforce, the following can be used as a guide for an in-house cleaning effort or as an idea of what to expect from a cleaning service. 

Daily Tasks

Thoroughly clean countertop appliances and shared containers (like coffee creamer and sugar dispensers).

Clean microwave inside and out.

Refrigerator - Check inside for any obvious spills or other problems. Remove open or expired food. (Work with your staff to develop a plan that works regarding food handling, ex: labeling with owner name, how long food can remain, etc. 

Wipe cabinets and ALL handles. If you see it, clean it.

Sinks and Countertops - Scrub sink, faucets, and surrounding countertop. Rinse or wipe down with a clean wet towel. 

Apply a sanitizing or disinfecting mist. Use paper towels for a final dry. Paper is better than a sponge or cloth towel because it eliminates cross-contamination. 

Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop. This depends on your floor surface, but do it every day, especially if it is carpeted. 

Trash Scan the room for any debris that hasn’t made it to the trash can

Coat rack - often part of a break room, be sure to include it in you list.

Weekly Cleaning - This will more-or-less consist of everything on the daily list, just expanding the cleaning as necessary. “weekly” should be adjusted according to how much traffic the room gets, and how challenging the general environment is

We hope you will find this useful in maintaining a lunch room that can be enjoyed by your entire staff. If your company is ready for the services of an excellent business cleaning service, Please give NLC Solutions a call for a consultation and a free estimate.