Hiring a Professional Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection Service for your home or business shows that you are committed to maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. 

When you hire NLC Solutions, you hire a company with a proven record of supplying the best in full-service cleaning, floor care, and spray disinfection — all fully satisfaction guaranteed. 

We are committed to complementing our superior cleaning with the very best in customer service. We are more interested keeping our customers happy than outgrowing our ability to serve them. We stay in touch with our clients, always ready to take a call. Our commitment to service extends to our cleaning teams. Their training goes beyond cleaning. They are taught to be thorough and detail oriented, always willing to get the details just right. Whenever possible, we assign the same team to a specific client for every visit. This makes for a friendly, familiar work environment and better results.

We know your budget is a primary concern. We price our services as affordably as possible. We are also willing to tailor our services to achieve greater savings. We will work with you on you estimate. Also keep in mind that a cleaning service will save on expenses in the long run by promoting productivity, and freeing your staff to fully concentrate on their daily tasks.

NLC Solutions starts by listening. Beginning with our list of cleaning basics, we will design a plan that is a custom fit for your business.

— NLC Solutions administrators will design your cleaning plan to be a perfect fit for you needs, including scheduling, areas of emphasis, and budget. This ensures that high-traffic areas get the attention they need, while adjusting the frequency for less used areas. 



Superior cleaning and sanitizing results throughout your business, down to the smallest detail.

— Your cleaning company does one thing, cleaning — all day, every day. They apply tried and true techniques along with years of experience. They are also in touch with the latest cleaning technology.

— Professional cleaners work from a checklist every time they visit, ensuring that nothing in the facility is over-looked. Unlike in-house staff doubling as cleaners, they have on distractions. Their focus is strictly on excellent cleaning

— Professional cleaners come prepared, with tools and cleaning solutions designed to clean quickly and efficiently. For example: their wiping towels come in a variety of colors to avoid cross-contamination between areas in the facility; the vacuums used are powerful commercial grade machines, built to pull out stubborn, ground-in grit. Clean carpets are essential to keeping the air in your business clean.

A range of services from a single resource

NLC Solutions serves three of New Jersey’s busiest counties —Middlesex, Somerset, and Union. We are able to know each customer on a one-on-one basis. We are large enough to offer full-service cleaning and sanitizing throughout your facility plus floor care and maintenance including hard floor  strip, clean, and wax services, as well as carpet steam cleaning. We also perform hospital-grade electrostatic spray disinfecting for the ultimate in clean.

Customer and staff well-being

— A well-designed business space is a great first step towards attracting both clients and great employees. Regular cleaning and maintenance completes that great first impression. A clean, uncluttered office or showroom shows you care. A professionally cleaned space invites people to enter. Once inside, the lack of distractions will make people want to spend more time there, whether shopping or discussing business.

Employee health, safety, and productivity. 

— Every public space will collect dust, dirt, bacteria and other contaminants. Your business is no exception. The health of your employees depends on the cleanliness of their work environment. This is one area where a professional cleaning service can’t be beat. An outside cleaning staff comes in with a cleaning checklist and a schedule. The priority for each team member is to complete their task list. They are able to focus on their work, without distractions. Superior results are built-in.

— Once you have met the challenge of creating a clean and sanitary workplace, NLC Solutions recommends developing an in-house employee wellness plan. The combination of a clean and sanitary facility with employee involvement in their own health is an unbeatable weapon against lost productivity, sick days and an unhealthy work force.

— Boost your happiness quotient. Besides the health benefits, we will mention how a clean and organized workplace can raise morale and improve the work environment for everyone.


Studies consistently show that hiring a cleaning service is not more expensive than using some mixture of on-staff personnel, hourly workers or similar resources. A truly professional cleaning service will spend time evaluating your cleaning needs, and developing a cleaning plan that is a perfect fit for you needs —from cleaning services to sanitizing  to floor care and spray disinfecting.

If you are considering hiring a cleaning service for your business, please keep NLC Solutions in mind. Please call us for an estimate at (908) 753-3900.