Is Your Carpet Ready for Winter?

We live and work in central New Jersey - a temperate climate. We get a little bit of everything in terms of temperature and precipitation. This doesn’t mean we will avoid the extremes of each.
The fall weather has been good to great so far. Unfortunately, winter is close behind, along with those extremes. Let’s talk about how to maintain our carpets and flooring during the the winter season.


Four ways to protect and maintain your floors and carpets:


Start with prevention 

Use mats inside and out of every entrance and exit. 

Outside mats help keep the outside contaminants outside - everything from leaves to dirt and stones to ice-melting chemicals.
Inside mats are great for high-traffic areas - they minimize wear and tear on both hard floors and carpets. They also keep dirt from being tracked from one area to another.

Regular maintenance (that means regular vacuuming) 

Blame gravity, but dust, dirt, and other contaminants wind up on the floor sooner or later. Make an effort to keep up with them using the best vacuum you can find, the added power and durability will pay you back quickly. Deep cleaning rewards you in two ways: your carpets last longer and the air will be cleaner as well. If you have a cleaning service, make a point to  them how important clean carpets are to you.

Spot clean everyday if possible

From tracked-in soil to food and beverage spills, your carpet and floors are under attack everyday. Treating these stains before they are dried in can prevent permanent staining. Keep an eye out for things like chewing gum, tar, caulk etc. There are a variety of products available and an even greater number of DIY remedies.

Use these autumn days to prepare for the coming winter season. You’ll make life a lot easier, your carpets will be looking great, and you’ll save money in the long run.

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