Keep your carpet cleaning on schedule

Often, some of the carpet doesn’t seem to need cleaning with the rest of the business carpets. Maybe we can skip it this time?

Resist the temptation to do that. Even though an area or room full of carpeting looks like it isn't too dirty, it has still been lying there doing it's job as a filter and breeding ground for everything (yes everything) that is floating around in the air. This includes allergens, viruses, bacteria, dirt, dust, mold, and mildew. And, at the bottom of this unsavory pile you'll find all those dust mites having a picnic.

So, that's why we vacuum everytime we visit. And why we use powerful commercial vacuums with beater bars to dig out all the bad stuff. When we remove it from your carpeting, we are preventing it from getting into the air. Which means you don't have to breathe it. Which should result in better health, fewer days lost to allergies or common colds, and a clean healthy productive working environment.

Regular vacuuming helps maintain your carpets in two ways: first and obvious, it picks up dust, dirt, and debris and makes your carpets look good. The second way vacuuming helps is by removing the non-visible contaminents that snuggle down in the carpet fibers. Also, dust and dirt particles are removed — before they begin breaking down the fibers of the carpet as they’re walked on, causing worn, matted fibers.

When is it time for deep-cleaning?

You are the best judge of how much foot traffic the carpet receives. Also keep in mind the kind of exposure the carpet gets. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Busy reception, office, first floors, common areas, and food service 

Monthly cleaning may be necessary, especially during times of winter weather. "Steam" cleaning is probably in order, as recommended by the carpet manufacturer. 

For daily cleaning, vacuum well, getting underneath desks, chairs, and tables to remove dust and allergens.

Medical facility, dental office or moderately busy office space

Spot clean the high-traffic areas on a quarterly basis. Clean the complete carpet areas annually.

Top floors, rooms or businesses that don’t get much traffic

Clean these annually.

A parting thought: All of this care and maintenance does come with a cost. However whatever you put into mainaining your carpeting will result in a longer lifetime for your carpeting, better working conditions, and more productivity.