restroom sanitizingSome people who visit your business will remember your decor.

Everyone will know what the restrooms are like.

It's a fact of life. People notice the restrooms. Actually notice is an understatement. People react to your restrooms, and talk about them! It's up to you whether that reaction is positive or negative. Our advice is to take several small, simple steps that will have a big impact. Start by making sure they are uncluttered, well-stocked with amenities and paper goods, pleasant smelling, and spotlessly clean. Step Two is repeating the above at regular intervals and double-checking whenever you think of it.

The following is the NLC Solutions Cleaning plan for efficient, thorough restroom upkeep.

Clear the clutter

Remove anything that does not belong. This includes all the obvious things like paper tissues and any stray wrappers or other debris left behind by a previous visitor. Someone forget their comb? Get rid of it. Clear all the surfaces, including the floor.

Wash First:  Sinks, Toilets, and Urinals

Wet everything down with the initial cleaning solution, give the chemicals time to work. Soaking loosens soil and fights bacteria. Use a proper cleaning solution/sanitizer, mixed to the manufacturer's specification.

Use plenty of water and scrub as hard as necessary to remove stains and film. Make sure to clean the sides and surrounding floor.  Once you have rinsed and towel dried the surface, give all hardware and handles a final sanitizing wipe.

Walls and countertops

Work from the top, using a wet cloth or brush. Make sure to use enough liquid, and give it time to do its job. We are not just chasing away loose dirt here, we want the cleaning solution to be in contact with any germs or contaminants long enough to sanitize the area. Once the walls and surfaces are clean and sanitized, wipe all with a clean, dry cloth – buffing for a final shine on ceramic tile. In certain situations, you may have a changing station in one or both restrooms, These can be easy to miss. Be sure to give it the same attention as the rest of the room.

Save the Floors for Last

After everything above the floor is cleaned, all the dirt and debris you have dealt with so far will have made its way to the floor. Give the floor a good sweeping, use your broom to get into the corners. Check for any stubborn stains and remove them.  Finish with an overall wet mopping, followed with a mop that is as dry as you can get it. Wait a few minutes before walking on the floor.

Finish with the Mirrors, Glass, Stainless Steel Panels and Other Brightwork.

Doing the bright work before or after the floor is a matter of personal preference. Either way, have a supply of clean dry cloths ready. Any cloth that is not perfectly clean will leave streaks and ruin your work. You are not finished until all streaks and haze are gone. If you have brushed stainless steel panels, you may want to use a specially made finish on them to prevent fingerprints. Time to put a sparkle on your hard work!

Be sure that dispensers of paper goods, soaps, and sanitizers are filled, and trash cans are empty. 

You're done!