Gym, Spas & Locker Room Cleaning Services

NLC Solutions has spent 35 years cleaning and sanitizing local businesses like yours.

We are independently owned and dedicated to providing the best cleaning services. We are dedicated to making you happy with our results. Our clients know us for our flexible, custom approach — to your schedule, areas of emphasis, and your budget.

We are experienced in cleaning and sanitizing in "wet" environments such as gyms, spas, locker areas, showers, and restrooms. Our high-level of cleaning expertise ensures flawless results.

NLC Solutions uses efficient commercial cleaning technologies.

Our specially formulated cleaning and sanitizing agents will eliminate virus and bacteria from:

  • gym equipment
  • locker rooms and showers
  • massage tables fact, every surface in your facility.

Whether these areas are part of a fitness club or an industrial facility, cleanliness is the first concern of every user.
NLC Solutions uses a detailed checklist when cleaning. This list ensures thoroughness and helps prevent using towels and mops in multiple rooms, which can spread contaminants.

There is nothing as good as a hot shower after a hard workout. Especially when it is in a clean, good smelling area. Your members and employees will look forward to it. And they will appreciate a safe and healthy environment.

At NLC Solutions, we strive to provide the cleanest locker room, shower, and workout areas. We offer all these locker room cleaning services:

  • Dusting, sweeping and vacuuming
  • Wet and dry mopping
  • Disinfecting all high-touch areas, including workout machines, benches, and mats
  • Floor cleaning and sanitizing – prevent cross-contamination
  • Toilet and shower area cleaning
  • Disinfection of walls, panels, knobs, pulls, handles
  • Safe trash removal and disposal

Why Should You Choose NLC Solutions

Keeping customers and staff healthy is of the greatest importance.  Reducing the spread of illness results in higher morale and productivity. Our cleaning process eliminates virus, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus. We rid your facility of coronavirus, influenze, cold virus, and infectious bacteria. Our company has been cleaning all sorts of businesses for more than 35 years, satisfying a wide range of clients across Somerset County, Union County, and Middlesex County. 

There is a reason why clients stay with NLC Solutions - we deliver on our promises. We can develop a flexible gym and locker room cleaning schedule that keeps your customers safe and doesn't interfere with your operating hours.

Get a free gym, spa, or locker room cleaning quotation from us today. Call: (908)753-3900.



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