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We are locally based, and like good neighbors,
we arrive on time and take pride in our work. 

Your calls will be answered by an NLC Solutions team member. If a problem pops up, we'll be there to solve it.

We thrive on happy customers.

We keep them happy with excellent commercial cleaning and dedicated customer service.

We deliver tailored, one-on-one, local service.


Local Office Cleaning

Office, Retail, School or Factory Floor...
We Make It Clean and Healthy!

When your facility's commercial cleaning is done right, it makes a big difference in how your customers see you. You can be confident your business is making a great impression on clients, customers, members, tenants…right down to your own employees. Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services ensure that you’re maximizing health and safety while minimizing the risks and controlling costs. Our locally based, expert cleaning teams are reliable and dedicated to leaving the cleanest results every visit.

NLC Solutions specializes in providing the best business cleaning throughout your building — lobby to office to restrooms. We prepare our cleaning teams with the best cleaning tools and training. We emphasis the importance of great service and a can-do approach. It's been working since 1986.

You will notice the difference! Even the hard-to-reach corners of your facility will be white-glove clean and sanitized. That includes all surfaces in your office, conference room, reception area, and staff areas. We pay special attention to your floors too. Floors are mopped every time we visit, and carpets and rugs are spot cleaned and thoroughly vacuumed.

NLC Solutions will clean any facility...


From our beginnings as a family-run business in 1986, NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning services has been dedicated to providing the best in business cleaning results along with personalized customer service. 

westfield.jpgOur service area is focused on three NJ counties — Middlesex, Somerset, and Union and deliver superior results and customer service. We are large enough to cater to customer needs and respond to emergencies. We also enjoy the personal relationships we have forged over the years, and the satisfaction of providing the ultimate in cleaning in a one-on-one basis.

In order to deliver cleaning services that are a custom fit for each client, we depend on good communication. Our cleaning teams live near their customers. This means that often, the same friendly, familiar team will service your account.

Local Floor Waxing

Floor Care Project Specialists


Clean, Strip and Wax to restore that new look.

Regular maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your expensive flooring looking great.

If your flooring has been neglected for too long, call NLC Solutions. We have the tools and experienced operators to bring it back to life. The first step is to remove discolored old waxes along with ground-in dirt. After a ph neutral washing, we finish with multiple coatings of high quality wax, appropriate to the flooring material.

CARPET CARE & CLEANINGcarpetinset.png

Clean carpeting is the first step to a clean office.

Professionally cleaned carpeting gives your business the professional look your customers love. Professional cleaning by NLC Solutions preserves your flooring investment by returning your carpet to like new condition. Our cleaning goes beyond the surface, removing deep-down soil and and grit, preventing abrasive action caused by foot traffic. This helps preserve the quality and beauty of your carpet for years to come.

Regular cleaning of your carpets will make breathing easy for your staff and customers. Dirt will always find its way to your carpets – that's gravity at work. To keep your air clean, you must pick it up before normal foot traffic puts that mix of contaminants back into the air. 

We serve: Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties.

BlogPgInset.jpgLet's talk cleaning...

Office and Business
Cleaning Tips by the pros.
Professional cleaning — expense or savings?

Where is everybody in NJ?

We can't tell you exactly where everyone is in the State, but we can tell you that the Center of Population of the state of New Jersey is located in East Brunswick, Middlesex County. (This means it is the spot where, on average, you are the closest to the rest of the population.)



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Did you know...

  • NLC Solutions provides Commercial Cleaning in the South Plainfield area?

  • We provide janitorial services for all types of offices in Piscataway?

  • Our spray disinfecting eliminates disease causing viruses and bacteria — from coronavirus to influenza and more?

We take cleaning to the next level.
Just give us a call to discuss your cleaning needs.
We are truly "full-service."

We provide commercial cleaning and office cleaning services throughout Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties. See full list of towns we serve...

We provide full service cleaning, sanitizing, and janitorial for:

  • Office buildings – individual office, suite, full buildings
  • Restaurant & Commercial Kitchens/Dining Areas
  • Manufacturing and Warehouses
  • Managed Properties - condo/apartment
  • Retail Establishments
  • Gym & Spa – fitness centers, all locker/shower areas
  • School & Daycare 
  • Church & Synagogue
  • Medical, Hospital, Scientific
  • Country Clubs
  • Library, Municipal, Organizations
  • Post-Construction Cleaning


Keep your staff and customers safe from coronavirus, influenza, and bacteria


Kills Covid and most other viruses and germs. Prevent the spread of contagious disease 

Effective against Covid-19, our electrostatic spray disinfecting provides the most thorough and longest-lasting elimination of disease causing organisms.

The fine mist is statically charged and adheres to every side of every surface – killing 99.99% of virus, bacteria and other contaminants. Works in hard to reach spots. Air-dries in minutes without wiping, leaving a protective barrier behind - without any harmful residue.

Service is not "one size fits all." We can vary applications based on the type and volume of traffic an area receives, and adjust frequency as well. Don't forget, spray disinfecting is ideal for vehicles too – from truck cabs to buses to ambulances.

ASAP EMERGENCY SERVICE – If you suspect your facility has been exposed to contaminants, let us know. We will be there as soon as possible.

Call for a free demo at your site!

We know our Vital Oxide disinfecting solution works. We also know our electrostatic spraying system is super effective and convenient. We are so sure, that we will disinfect an area of your facility for free – a $100 value. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. No obligation.

spry2HmInset2a.pngHospital-grade spray disinfecting kills 99.99% of virus, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odors. Yet it is 100% safe for people, no protective gear required during application.

Electrostatically charged spray gets inside and around furnishings, equipment, storage spaces, and lockers.

Kills Covid-19 and variants, flu virus and bacteria, it is the safest and most cost-effective protection that you can buy.

Vital Oxide, our spray solution has great staying power. It is very effective when paired with scheduled cleaning. Use is for your multi-passenger vehicles and delivery vans. Spray application is fast and economical, air dries so no wiping or PPE needed.

The Key To Our Longevity And Continuing Customer Satisfaction
Is Our Commitment To Getting It Right Every Time.

Here’s How We Do It:

We listen to your goals,
before we create a
comprehensive service

Communication is key. We make sure
that we understand your needs and
deliver outstanding results.

Customized services
for your facility

We have the flexibility to
meet your unique cleaning
needs, your schedule, and
your budget.


Free de-clutter and
cleanup service for new
contract customers!

We help you... to help us give
you cleaning perfection.

Service is not complete until
you sign off on the
White Glove Test

No job is complete until you
are completely satisfied.

Emergency service priority

When you need us we will be there... personalized service from the company you can trust.

NLC Solutions teams are cleaning businesses near you right now...