DIYwax.jpgStripping floors and reapplying a new coat of wax sounds easy enough.

Don't be fooled, it takes expertise, planning, and hard work to ensure great results.

Proper planning, knowledge, and good timing is essential.

The stripping chemical must be allowed to remain on the surface long enough to dissolve the old wax and built up dirt.

The cleaning phase of the project should not be rushed either. To prepare the surface for new wax, the cleaning chemical should be ph neutral and care must be taken to leave a perfectly clean surface. 

For waxing, a patient methodical approach will produce the best results. Care must be taken to maintain a "wet edge" so no ridges are left in the finish.

Common mistakes when doing a DIY strip and wax floor restoration:

  • Guessing about the exact type of flooring. This can result in mismatches between chemical and materials — and bad results.
  • Using mops and other equipment that have been used previously. This carries dirt, dust, and other contaminants onto the new work.
  • Underestimating the toxicity of stippers, cleaners, and wax.  They all require personal protection. A mask, goggles, and gloves are recommended.
  • Poor strategy concerning the flow of work through the area (aka: painting oneself into a corner).
  • Tackling a space that is much too large, especially for one person.
  • Not giving each chemical time to work and/or rushing to the point of leaving soil behind.
  • Not paying precise attention to the chemical manufacturer's directions. The pros look like they grab and pour, but they have used them dozens of times.
  • Lack of familiarity with (and respect for) all power equipment used for the project.

Professionals can make this job look easy, but that comes from tons of experience. And because they work on one floor after another, they always carry enough chemicals and tools to complete the work. This is a big point to consider when you are contemplating a DIY floor project.  Once you have purchased all the chemicals, rented and transported the power tools, and spent a big slice of time, how much are you really saving? 

NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning would be happy to provide you with a fast free estimate for your upcoming floor strip/clean/wax project. Just think, it requires no effort on your part, and the results are 100% guaranteed.

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