How we make your floors beautiful:

Stripping - Apply stripping chemicals. Allow the stripper work at dissolving old wax, grease and dirt. Use power rotating scrubbing machine to completely loosen and remove soil. Use hand tools to ensure all edges and hard to reach areas are clean.
NLC Solutions hard floor strip and wax
Pick up all standing water and chemicals using squeegees and wet vacuums.

Cleaning and neutralizing the floor. We apply citrus based formulas to effectively clean any residue from stripping.
Pick up all of the solution left from neutralizing with the wet vacuum. Follow with a final mopping. Allow floor to dry. We speed the process by using specialized floor fans.

Perform a final dust mopping to ensure the surface is perfectly smooth.

Waxing - using high-quality floor wax. Apply at least three coats.

Buffing- using a rotating floor machine we polish each coat of wax, producing a deep shine.

Burnishing- if you are looking for a wet look finish, we do an additional high-speed polishing of your floor.

NLC Solutions is well-known for their guaranteed results — when it comes to making hard flooring look its best, depend on us. If you are ready to have your floors look like new again, please give us a call at: (908) 753-3900