Another Benefit of A Commercial Cleaning Service

Workplace wellness programs have been in place at many businesses for quite a long time. While it requires some investment on the part of the employer and the staff, the programs have proven their worth in healthier employees. A healthy staff will be more productive, sick days are reduced, and health care costs usually decrease.

Of course, Covid-19 is the first thing that comes to mind when employee health is mentioned these days. The reality is that common ailments like the flu, colds, allergies, and even accidents have been doing harm in the workplace for as long as anyone can remember.

How does Commercial Cleaning help?

Whenever groups of people gather in a confined space, it becomes a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, and whatever else is brought in everyday. Office and Business Cleaning services know how to keep these threats under control

Keeping the dust down...

The primary benefit delivered by a commercial cleaning service is fighting this constant flow of debris. It starts by creating a work area free from dust, airborne particulates, mold, and other allergens. The work continues on all surfaces and exposed equipment. Included are things like window blinds, curtains, and light fixtures. Finally, air circulation vents are dusted and have good circulation.

Next stop is the floor — hard flooring, carpeting, and rugs. Remember, just about everything that gets into an office will find its way to the floor. People moving across a floor then stir up everything that is on it. This makes thorough vacuuming essential, ensuring clean air and good health. An extra layer of protection in the form of floor mats can prevent a lot of debris from being tracked throughout the building.

Beyond the offices

Other areas that are a challenge to keep clean and sanitary are the restrooms, lunchroom, locker and shower areas. Pathogens of all sorts love warm damp environments. Commercial cleaning serviced have the techniques and cleaning solutions necessary to thoroughly clean every surface in these areas. Daily guidance is provided by detailed checklists so no area is forgotten.

Raising the bar when it comes to clean.

The amount of reporting, facts, instructions, and figures that has come with Covid-19 can be numbing. It also makes it hard to realize that beside finding a way to kill the virus, the advice on staying healthy is basically that same as it always has been:

  • Regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces that are touched in the course of a day.
  • Regular hand-washing, done long enough to actually kill virus and germs. And, you CAN wash your hands “just because.”
  • Did you know that one of the easiest ways for virus and germs to get into your body is through your eyes. So do wash your hands, and don’t put your dirty fingers in your eyes.
  • Place sanitary wipes or gel dispensers where they can be easily accessed.

We at NLC Solutions wishing you the best in clean, safe, and healthy.