Understanding the Three Stages of Cleaning 

Clean. Sanitized. Disinfected. These are not interchangeable statements. Each signifies a specific level of clean.

Cleaning is the first step
“The process removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects.”

When an area that has been exposed to heavy soil and or oily substances for extended periods it will usually bucket200.jpgrequire using one of a variety of heavy-duty rated cleaning solutions. Do some research first, heavy-duty doesn't necessarily mean harsh and caustic. There are many eco-friendly products on the market that will remove the soil without leaving fumes or residue. 

Sanitizing is done by applying germ-killing solutions directly to a pre-cleaned surface (though some cleaners have sanitizing agents built in).bucket-bottles200.jpg
It “drastically lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level."

We hand apply germ killing solutions directly to high-touch surfaces. The focus is on killing a high percentage of harmful germs and virus. We do use cleaning solutions with germicides and also make direct applications of sanitizers to high-touch, high-traffic areas, including: handles, door knobs, switches, desk phones, and all desktop equipment. 

Disinfecting – “uses EPA certified chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects."
We apply chemical solutions like Vital Oxide directly in order to disinfect surfaces that are exposed to a heavy usage, especially when they are in sensitive areas.

Beyond spot applications, our preference for disinfecting is electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic spraying cannot be beaten when it comes to thoroughness of coverage, convenience of application, and economy in the form of time savings. It delivers a 99.99% effective solution to all surfaces, where, after about 10 minutes it air dries, minimizing downtime after treatment. It is so safe for people, there is never a need for personal protective equipment before, during, or after treatment. You can read more about this service on our website.


What level should you be aiming for?

Cleaning? Deep cleaning and de-cluttering your business is a must!  Things just go better when everything is clean. Removing dirt and contaminents is the first step to take when protecting the health of guests and staff. It is essential when it comes to attracting and maintaining customers.

Sanitizing? If customers are likely to touch anything in your facility, sanitizing comes into play. This applies to everything from doorknobs to countertops to phones and equipment. Sanitizing is vitally important for restrooms, locker/shower areas, and gym equipmment.

Disinfecting? Disinfecting is required for highly sensitive, high risk areas. Any facility dealing with medical, dental, or vision services should strive to be 100% free of any organic contaminants. This also applies when there is risk of transferring viruses, or bacteria from person to person. Spray disinfecting provides the ultimate protection, especially when applied as part of an ongoing program. It is also a useful tool when dealing with a known incident of exposure within your facility.

We hope this article has cleared up what it means to be clean, sanitized, and disinfected. If you have questions or are considering any of these services, please visit our website or give us a call at:
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