It's not Spring yet but you can feel it coming. The light is changing, days are getting longer and little by little they are getting warmer too.messyDesk.jpg

Just about everyone I know that has been WFH (working from home) is back in their actual office. And most of them finally have company during the day. No matter where you are in this game of musical office chairs, you probably share a common challenge — your desk needs a restart. It's time to freshen up your personal landscape. It will be time well spent. I promise. 

Looking at confusion breeds more confusion. Clear it away and you'll be inspired, your productivity will soar.

Step One – Declutter: Scan your desk like a predator. Pounce on the first thing that catches your eye. Make a decision: toss it, file it, or add it to a list. (This can help after the decluttering, a reminder of any loose ends.) 

Be ruthless, you should wind up with a few things on your list, and a desk that is free of all those distracting bits and pieces.  Almost done. Now is the time to check in the drawers. All those handy little things you have stashed? If you haven't reached for them in days/weeks/months, they are not handy. It's clutter. Clean it out. 

Step Two – Dust: Now that the desktop and drawers are clear it is time to get rid of the dust  and loose dirt. All of it. Use a static duster for the tops of things. Then pick up each object, dust it and set it aside.

Step Three – Sanitize: Your goal here is to remove both the remaining soil and as many germs as you can. Note: a sanitizer (or even a properly mixed soap solution) will remove a large percentage of the germs. Give it some time before you wipe it away and the number goes up. A paper towel and some spray cleaner might do the job, but I'd opt for an actual cloth and cleaning solution that has a built-in sanitizing action. Take your time. Now you can wipe down and replace all those objects. I am relying on you to be choosy. If you really need it (phone, tape dispenser, stapler, etc), keep it. If not, out it goes. 

Step back and admire... beautiful sight isn't it. And sanitized as well!

You can almost feel the productivity surging through you. And, won't the cleaning service people be pleased.