Just about every office or workplace has a first aid kit for the people who work there. And there is protocol in place regarding what it should contain and where it should be kept. How about one for the office itself?

firstAid.pngAfter seeing how people react when something spills in the office, we’ve put together a list of essentials necessary to deal with the little accidents we are confronted with. We are calling it the Busy Office First Responder Clean-up Kit. 
We have seen a variety of reactions to the unexpected spill. They usually begin with people’s mouths popping open, some impressively athletic jumps, skips, or hops to avoid wearing the spill, and frantic grabbing for the nearest absorbent material. When it happens on a work surface, there is usually a lot of rescue-grabbing happening as people get the sensitive electronics out of the way. Once things calm down, now what?

Time to reach for your Office Cleaning First Responder Kit. The one you put together for just such an event. Haven’t assembled yours yet? The ingredients include:

  • at least one absorbent dish towel, preferably cotton, for soaking up the spill
  • several microfiber towels for wiping
  • a roll of paper towels because they work
  • a small bottle of distilled vinegar
  • a box of baking soda
  • small bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • 16 oz bottle of water
  • plastic bag for holding wet rags

Spills of staining liquids

Use the towels and cloths to help you blot the spill before it has spread too far. Especially important when dealing with something like coffee spilling on a light carpet. Once you have blotted up most of the liquid spill, use the vinegar to dilute the residue and keep most spills from staining. Keep the spill wet until it looks like you have blotted up the stain.  Now is usually a good time to sprinkle the area with the baking soda. After letting the soda set for a few minutes, you can add some more water and blot again. You can also sprinkle on quite a bit and allow it to dry. Once dry, use a brush to loosen the soda before vacuuming it up. 

Spills of oil or oily liquids

Sprinkle with a serious amount of baking soda as a first step. If the spill is in an area where you can allow the baking soda to remain undisturbed, leave it on until the soda looks "wet," indicating it has soaked up the oil. Repeat as needed. Once the baking soda is lifting away easily and no longer looks wet, you can do a final application and vacuum. Don't give up if you still detect traces of oil and any staining. Apply a mix of baking soda and vinegar, brush it in and blot it up.


If discoloration remains, you can try a stain remedy. Vinegar and baking soda will often lift a stain if allowed to set for several minutes. You can also make a DIY version of an oxy-cleaner by mixing baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and a bit of mild soap. Brush the mixture into the stain immediately after combining. 

So that’s it. Assemble your First Responder Cleaning Kit and keep it handy. You will definitely be reaching for it sooner than you think. Remember that all of the ingredients will be useful if the target of your spill is someone’s clothing and not the floor or furniture. 

Remember, when you are ready to have your office cleaning handled by the pro's that care, give us a call at NLC Solutions. (908) 753-3900.