NLC Solutions Lease-end CleaningCleaning for Apartment Complexes, Condos, Gated Communities & Clubs

The cleaning challenges posed by any commercial facility can be daunting: 

All public spaces must be spotlessly clean at all times. In a typical office building setting, this usually happens in a time span somewhat longer than typical business hours. When the building is a residential complex, club, or other mixed use building, everything must be clean 24/7.

Like any business owner or building manager, they must pay attention to cleaning public spaces used by tenants and visitors, as well as areas used by on-site staff.

At NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning, our goal is happy property managers AND happy residents

NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning services provides professional cleaning and sanitizing in all types of commercial settings. We have the experience to satisfy all types of situation. NLC Solutions ensures that public areas in a managed residential complex are always clean and well-maintained. We work with management to provide the utmost in tenant satisfaction. Regular professional cleaning improves the quality of life for everyone who lives or works on the property.

Our detail oriented cleaning services extend to all areas of a facility — from reception/front desk to public restrooms to on-site fitness center and shower facilities. This attention to detail is super important in a managed property setting because visitors are often more than customers, they may reside there.

Smooth integration with onsite management

NLC Solutions has worked in just about every type of commercial facility. We know that providing excellent cleaning results are the ultimate goal. Our business experience has also taught us that reliability and on-time performance are equally important. That is why we guarantee our results every time we service your facility. If something isn’t right, let us know and we will correct it, on us. 

Special Project Capabilities

We are experienced and capable, and able to handle projects outside your day-to-day cleaning. 

Lease-end Cleaning

When the lease on a residence changing to a new tenant, NLC Solutions can provide clean-out and deep cleaning services. Our cleaning will give everything in the unit a “like new” shine – from the kitchen to the bathroom. Every corner and crevice in the unit will be cleaned and sanitized. We also recommend an electrostatic spray treatment for a hospital-grade disinfecting — and peace of mind. 

Post-Renovation Cleaning

Often, when tenants are changing at lease-end, there is some amount of repair or renovation to be done. NLC Solutions cleaning teams are adept at quickly removing debris and getting the unit back to perfect condition. If you are planning a renovation or are facing significant repairs to a unit, please call us to discuss your issues.

Keep NLC Solutions in mind for cleaning services at all or your managed properties. We are always available to talk over a project. We will be there to answer your call at: 908-753-3900.