Do the pros do it better?

messy.jpgOne important quality is consistent with professional cleaners. They understand that consistently seeing to the details is one of the most important things in cleaning. In contrast, cleaning done by an in-house team usually gets off to a good start. But then the enthusiasm can run out.

Once things become routine, the details can be neglected. There is often an excuse that sounds like, "It looks ok." Or "I just did that." That's bad. What's worse is the spots that are missed usually stand out in a bad way. (The devil IS in the details.)

Here are a few of our favorite problem areas

Cleaning in the corners

From cleaning a mirror or glass door to vacuuming around an area rug, the tough parts are in the corners and along the edges. Cleaning in the middle can actually be fun. Nothing in the way, instant gratification. The edges and corners are a different matter. Dirt is stubborn, the work goes more slowly. In the case of the carpet, there is Stuff on it! Furniture, computers, copiers, crowd the landscape and all those electrical cords are impossible to deal with. It's easy to find an excuse to avoid it all. The difference with a professional? They accept it as part of the job and do it right.  Pros put in the extra effort and take a few more minutes, but they leave things perfectly clean. 

Interior windows (almost invisible)

Windows are great in an office. They let the light in, they let you see what's going on outside (even from the tenth floor, watching the traffic below can provide a welcome break from your computer screen). One thing few people in an office situation think about is how much dust is landing on the window sills or the blinds at all times. They think about the condensation and dust coating the windows even less. Well, someone has to, and this is where the pros come in. Windows DO need to be cleaned.  Here is where the pro resists the temptation to skip it and grabs the tools without any hesitation. In just a few minutes, that window is clean and dust free. 

The break room

If your office has a designated area for coffee making, food storage, and a seating area, you know that it takes a significant effort to keep it all clean. We can't over emphasize how important cleanliness is in terms of the health and well-being of those who use it. Without regular daily cleaning, the break room can become very unpleasant. Wiping everything down, picking up everything that is left behind, cleaning tabletops, and emptying the trash is work. Do you have a regular volunteer for these tasks? No? I thought so. How about keeping the fridge free of abandoned food? Double thought so.

This is one place where a pro consistently out-performs the in-house volunteers. And they are well worth the investment. For starters, they come prepared. This kind of cleanup takes more than a paper towel or two. A cleaning service comes armed with cleaning solutions, scrubbers, and towels to get rid of a day's worth of grime. They also know that starting the day in a clean, comfortable area makes everyone feel good. 

The Proper Tools, Supplies, and Techniques

Depending on the size of your office, it may be possible to clean it using your current staff members. This may seem like an economical way to go, at least until you crunch the numbers on how many hours your talented staff is spending on dusting, etc. 

Also, keep in mind that just supplying them with cleaning solutions, sanitizers, and other sprays will take some work. You'll also need sponges, wiping towels, mops, brooms, etc. And don't forget the heavy-duty vacuum. 
All of this organization will fall on someone in your organization, and the costs will come to you. We may be biased, but the pros have the advantage here. 

If you want your business to continually make a great first impression, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service

As we discussed, the cost of materials and organization are significant, even for an in-house effort. Losing trained staff to cleaning chores also has to be taken into account. If your business is not quite ready for a full-service cleaning company with a full schedule, please ask about customizing your cleaning to your needs. NLC Solutions will happily adjust your scheduled cleaning hours, specific areas to clean, and modify the emphasis given to more or less sensitive areas. Please call to discuss your needs. We are always near the phone, ready for your call.

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