What type of Commercial Cleaning company do you need?


The search for the perfect cleaning company does not start with finding a group of cleaning companies. It starts with your own company. 

Do a walk-through of your facility.  Take it slow enough to really look at things. You will probably notice some spots that are looking worse than others. And you’ll probably know why since you work with it everyday. Sometimes it is just a lot of traffic, other times it can be caused by exposure to a dirty environment or the materials handled within the building. 


Now, you are better prepared to find the right cleaners to take on your project. You will have the right questions to ask regarding the company’s experience and their cleaning teams. We find the following points provide excellent guidance in making your choice.   


Compare the needs of your facility with the capabilities of the vendor – make sure you are asking for precisely what you need, even if you would call it general cleaning. When specialized work is required it usually costs more, so if you don't need it, skip it. Ask the prospective companies what their strong points are and then match one to your needs. For example, companies that are preparing or serving food have a different set of guidelines than a transportation service. Taking it another step further, hospital-grade cleaning in a medical lab requires a new level of sanitizing techniques. 


Ask about their equipment – Even a general cleaning company needs a certain amount of specialized equipment, starting with commercial vacuums, color-coded cleaning rags and mops, even a way to efficiently move this equipment around the building. 


What about supplies? – to avoid surprises and/or disappointments, ask what supplies are included in the quote. It is usually a good thing if the supplies are included in the price. Professional cleaners usually have some favorites when it comes to cleaning solutions, and they are purchasing them on the wholesale level. Don’t be shy about asking what cleaners they use, especially if you want specific, eco-friendly chemicals used.


Customer Service - aka communicative and responsive. 

This is something you should be looking at from the first phone call you share. How fast is the phone answered? Does the person answering make you feel glad you called? 

When you hire a cleaning company, you should be hoping to create a long-term solution to your cleaning challenges. If you can establish a high level of trust with that company, life will be a lot easier. This is true in most service businesses, but the fact that cleaning teams often work at night means you can go long periods without personal interaction. That can make it hard to communicate. And a lack of communication is an easy way for misunderstandings to occur. Make a point with your prospective company about open lines of communication. Having a personal go-to person it great.


We hope this article has helped make your choice in a cleaning company more easy. We also hope that you will give NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services will be at the head of your list. We have 35 years of experience and dozens of references. We are really serious about the best in cleaning results and even more serious about how we serve our customers. Please give us a call at (908) 753-3900 to discuss your cleaning needs.