deskfan.jpgTreat the air in your workplace well, your health depends on it. The air in your facility works harder than just about anything else, with the possible exception of the floors. Besides the stress of multiple people breathing the air in a contained space, there are contaminants invading from multiple sources. The following is sound advice on how to keep your air quality as high as possible. Most are easy to accomplish, some more difficult than others. But, all are worth the effort. Bad air quality can cause health problems ranging from headaches to coughing to more serious respiratory problems. 

Start with the floors — everything in your facility will eventually find its way to the floor… everything from dust, dirt, skin cells, hair, you name it. It can all be stirred up into the air by the simple act of walking through it. Start your office cleaning effort on the floor. Vacuuming and mopping should be done every day. 

• Make sure your heat/AC ducts and vents are clean and clear. It is easy to keep your exposed vents clean and it should be done often. If you notice dust formations, you have waited too long. Duct cleaning is probably something to leave to professionals. Done poorly, cleaning efforts can put more dust into the air than when you started. Ask your heating/AC contractor about frequency and sources for the service.

• Heat/AC filter change – This is usually very simple and costs very little. Change the filter at least once every heating season, more often in dusty environments. If you have window units, clean those filters.

Control the humidity — most heating/AC systems have, or can be retro-fitted with, both a humidifier and a de-humidifier. Air that is too dry makes it easy for dust to take flight, and overly moist air can lead to mildew in spaces with limited air flow. Both conditions also affect people who are breathing the air. Note: If there is rain or snow outdoors, there is a good chance a lot of extra moisture will be tracked into your business. Make an effort to remove puddles quickly.

• Natural enhancements – If your facility is not so “modern” that there are windows that can be opened, go for it. It’s a refreshing change. Just use your judgement when it comes to “allergy season," etc. Indoor plants - They help filter the air and create a certain amount of oxygen, so they are an overall positive addition.

With a little ongoing effort, you should be enjoying your healthy breathable workspace air. If you or your staff still experience chronic ailments that you suspect are due to the air quality, it is time to call in a professional service. They have the proper tools and training to find the problem and repair it. 

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