The best cleaning service for you...

Commercial office and business cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes. On the good side, this means that there is one out there that is perfect for your needs. It also means that before you make your choice you must do your homework. Take the time to list what your really want and expect from your service:

Take scheduling – how often does your business need cleaning? Does everything need cleaning every time? Do you have high-traffic or heavy use areas that require extra attention.

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Qualities to look for in a cleaning service

  • Experience and longevity in commercial office and business cleaning, supported by references from long term customers.
  • Good Communication is at the top of the list — Be prepared to ask about any facet of the cleaning service, make notes beforehand. If you can’t hold a successful conversation with your cleaning service, failure is probably in the future of that relationship. And we do mean conversation in its true sense: clarity on the part of the vendor when explaining the services to be provided, and an equal ability to listen to your needs.
  • Reliablity and timeliness – You should be able to expect your cleaners at the times agreed upon. Make it a point that you are to be notified if there is any kind of interruption to the schedule. Is it workable if your business hours and cleaning hours overlap?
  • Friendly, capable staff - Ask about the training cleaning staffers receive. Are they uniformed or wearing ID? Should you expect the same staff at each visit? Are there supervisors or regular inspections?
  • Detail oriented, motivated cleaners - How well do they clean? Ask about any references available. Request an orientation session at which you can meet with management and staffers from the company. Ask them to do a “walk through” of your premises. If you have an area that potentially poses a problem to the cleaners, discuss it now. Ask what is the best way for you to prepare your facility for cleaning. (For example, they are there to clean and sanitize, not declutter.) Ask questions, take notes, make sure both sides understand what is expected of them.
  • Eco-friendliness. Have a discussion on what types of cleaning solutions and chemicals the cleaning service will use on your offices, restrooms, break rooms or laboratory. Make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to how any chemical affects people or the environment. If you want to use only certified green products, now it the time to discuss it.
  • Flexibility – from schedule, to emphasis, to costs. Once more we will remind you to discuss how flexible the cleaning service can be.  This covers all parts of the work they do, especially if you have a specific issue in mind. For example, certain areas of your building may not need a full cleaning at every visit. This could save time and money. Avoid surprises whenever possible. One other helpful tip, ask if the cleaning company does more than general cleaning and janitorial services. Many cleaning services also do project work like hard floor cleaning and waxing as well as carpet steam cleaning. 

Hiring a cleaning service should solve problems. The more you know about a prospective service provider, the more successful you are likely to be. Establishing communication and trust with your office cleaning company is the best way to begin.

We hope this has made your search for a commercial cleaner for your business or office easier. If you are currently looking for a service, we'd be happy to present our service and provide you with a quote for cleaning your office, building, or even warehouse. We are always standing by at (908) 753-3900.