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1) Keep outside dirt outside. It's kind of obvious but we will point out that more than 85% of dirt gets into your building is brought in by foot traffic. So it is a great idea to place mats outside your doors. Also, establish an exterior clean zone, it will help keep dirt outside.

2) Walk-off mats. Mats inside your doors are vital. They should be placed at all entries to trap soil and moisture before it gets on carpeting.

3) Vacuum more often to clean less. Concentrate on all high-traffic areas. Vacuuming not only removes dry soil, it keeps it from spreading.

4) Vacuums with HEPA air-filtration systems clean and healthy air.

5) Stain removal "first-aid." Have a tool kit handy for removing spills and tracked in soil. The faster stains are removed, the easier it will be. Include a small broom and dust pan, a stiff brush for mud and ice, and a handful of towels for blotting.

6) Clean on the lower floors first. Dirt comes from outside the building, and gradually it is tracked deeper into the building. Any dirt you can eliminate as soon as it enters, the less chance there is of it moving in permanently.

7) Elevator areas and stairwells. Frequent vacuuming is the best way to control the dirt these areas collect, and from moving throughout the facility.

Time for cleaning...

8) Deep clean with hot-water extraction. Generally accepted as the best way to deep clean and deodorize carpet. Most people refer to this technique as steam cleaning. It is actually very hot water that penetrates into the carpet fibers. Powerful suction then extracts as much water as possible, along with the soil. Most professionals recommend deep cleaning two to three times per year. This can vary due to the amount of traffic your carpet gets. 

9) Spot cleaning. As we mention above, spot cleaning of spills and potential stains do a lot to prevent the deterioration your carpet. Before doing a full deep clean, spot cleaning is also valuable in maintaning great results. 

10) Get your staff on board. The more actively involved users are in the cleanliness and maintenance of their facility the longer carpets will stay clean.

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