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Powerful on virus and bacteria

Kill 99.999% of disease causing organisms.

Electrostatically charged particles adhere to all sides of every surface.

The even coating kills infectious contaminants within minutes.

Dries without wiping so remains on the surface, providing lasting protection.

NLC Solutions in Union County, NJ

The water-based mist is electrostatically charged, particles surround and cling to all sides of any surface - hard or soft. The coating stays moist on the surface long enough to kill virus and bacteria. It then dries away, leaving a protective barrier against contamination.
Efficiency of application and fast dry time make it a practical answer for high-traffic areas that will benefit from frequent treatments.

Safe ━ even for food contact.

The solution is EPA registered as effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria. Powerful against contaminants, it is safe for humans and animals with a toxicity rating of 4 - EPA's lowest.
No rinsing needed, an ideal answer for kitchen, or lunch room.

Preparatory Cleaning

NLC Solutions Professional Disinfecting treatments produce optimal results when applied to a clean surface. It is not meant to cut through heavy soil, especially grease or oil. Pre-cleaning will allow the sanitizing to work to its full potential.

Complete sanitizing of every surface.

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Protect the health of family, staff and visitors!

NLC Solutions in Union County, NJ

Every surface will be sanitized.

Electrostatic spraying is effective on everything from your electronic equipment to your floors and ceilings.

Germs and viral particles can't hide. The antimicrobial solution clings to all surfaces - tops and bottoms. High-touch surfaces will be clean as well as hard-to-reach areas, right to the ceiling.

Mold, Mildew, and Odors

The antimicrobial mixture can be customized to your facility. Service can be adjusted from common mold and mildew preventatives to powerful sanitizers to kill Covid-19 virus.

This service is ideal for reopening a business space. Moving forward, it will be the most cost-effective protection from disease that you can buy. We can help you decide on what areas and how often your facility is treated.

VitalOxide Solution - No Fumes!

Totally safe for people and pets - even food prep areas

♦ EPA lowest toxicity rating. No need for protective gear during application.

♦ Effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria.

♦ NSF registered as "no rinse on food prep surfaces."

NLC Solutions in Union County, NJ

We use Vital Oxide for spray treating. It provides optimal germ and virus killing without negative effects to people, furnishings, or equipment. The mist coats all surfaces. No need to dry or rinse.

NLC Solutions techniques and equipment allow us to move through your building quickly even when dealing with cabinets and small areas.

Superior sanitization, shorter downtime, and cost-effectiveness.

NLC Solutions in Union County, NJ

Keep in mind that this solution has great staying power. Supports your regularly scheduled cleaning.

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Portable for focused results

EPA listed, NFS and CDC certified

Vital Oxide

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Vital Oxide 99%
vehicle disinfecting

Effective sanitizing for your transport vehicles