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NLC Solutions has the expertise and experience to clean your business facility — from the corner office to the loading dock. A clean facility makes clients feel secure and helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your staff.

We are nearby, and you can rely on us.

Our friendly, familiar team makes every visit a success.

"Is there Commercial Cleaning
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Yes! See our full list of towns and zip codes near Metuchen...

Independently owned.

So we offer total flexiblity when it comes to cleaning your facility — from scheduling to emphasis to budget.

PhonTrcking70.jpgWe make it easy to monitor cleaning.

See behind the curtain. Our cloud-based Client Portal gives you an inside look into the status of cleaning at your facility. 

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Trusted for 35 Years of Great Commercial Cleaning

Metuchen businesses range from professional offices to large manufacturers. We are experienced cleaning all types of commercial facility,

Customers come first!

We are reliable and detail-oriented so you never have to worry about your facility being clean and welcoming. 

Flooring & Carpets

Don't let neglected flooring detract from your business image.

We make that first impression a positive one. We care for your floors every visit so they are always looking great.

When it is time to rejuvenate that hard working floor...

NLC Solutions will services your floors when they are in need of a thorough cleaning:

  • We strip, clean, and wax hard surface floors
  • We provide deep-cleaning for rugs and carpeted areas. 

Professional Spray Disinfecting

With Covid-19 and its variants an ongoing threat, spray disinfecting is essential. As a bonus, it is also a great weapon against flu and the common cold. The positively charged mist clings to hard-to-reach areas, controlling mold, mildew, and odors. The Vital Oxide solution we use for our treatments, is 99.99% effective against covid-19 and harmful organisms. EPA listed as safe for people and animals. 

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