• Spray Sanitizing for the Ultimate Clean

    Spray Sanitizing for the Ultimate Clean

Spray Disinfecting Facilities and Vehicles
Commercial & Residential

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Powerful on virus and bacteria

Kill 99.999% of disease causing organisms.

Our solution adheres to any surface, killing infectious contaminants within minutes. After drying it remains on the surface, providing lasting protection.

The water-based mist is electrostatically charged, particles surround and cling to all sides of any surface - hard or soft.  The coating stays moist on the surface long enough to kill virus and bacteria. It then dries away, leaving a protective barrier against contamination.

Efficiency of application and fast dry time make it a practical answer for high-traffic areas that will benefit from frequent treatments.

Safe ━ even for food contact.

The solution is EPA registered as effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria. Powerful against contaminants, it is safe for humans and animals with a toxicity rating of 4 - EPA's lowest.

No need to rinse or dry surfaces that contact food. This makes it an ideal answer for kitchen, lunch room, or coffee station.

Keep in mind that this solution has great staying power. It can be very effective when employed to augment your regularly scheduled cleaning.

From office to family room, make your space clean and healthy - 

  • Office and reception areas
  • Restrooms / Lockers
  • Gyms, Spas, Salons
  • Laundry Areas & Laundromats
  • Ambulances, Buses, Vans, and Limos

Home or Business ━
2,000 sq. ft. 30 minutes

Electrostatic Mist Clings to and Disinfects Every Surface

Dries without wiping to leave ongoing protection.

Make your environment truly free from bacteria and virus particles.

Prevent the spread of contagious disease caused by contaminated surfaces


Every surface will be sanitized.

Electrostatic spraying is effective on everything from your electronic equipment to your floors and ceilings.

Germs and viral particles can't hide. The antimicrobial solution clings to all surfaces, tops and bottoms. High-touch surfaces will be clean as well as all of your hard-to-reach areas, all the way up to the ceiling.


Water-based solution ━ No Fumes!

Safe to apply. Safe to touch.

EPA listed - lowest toxicity. No need for protective gear during application.

Effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria.

NSF registered as "no rinse on food prep surfaces."

spryMan2.pngWe depend on Vital Oxide as our solution of choice for spray treating. It provides optimal germ and virus killing effectiveness while not posing any negative effects to people, furnishings, or equipment. The mist goes to work as soon as it coats a surface. No need to rinse (perfect for food contact areas). Once dry the area is ready for use. 

NLC Solutions combines this chemical with expert application techniques to thoroughly disinfect your facility. The portability of our equipment allows us to move through your building quickly while still allowing us to get into cabinets and smaller rooms. 

Equipment and expertise to provide superior sanitization, shorter downtime, and cost-effectiveness.


How Not to Sanitize


Using a hand-held spray bottle or a bunch of wiping rags usually results in uneven, ineffective application. Plus, the use of heavy-duty protective equipment indicates the sanitizing chemical presents risks of its own.

NLC Solutions Antimicrobial Spray treatments cover every surface, even in a cramped area like the one above. Plus, we use Vital Oxide solution in our sprayers - rated as the safest by the EPA. No masks or suits needed, no risk. Just 99.999% perfect results.

Preparatory Cleaning? Maybe.

If your facility has been active and receiving regular cleaning service, NLC Solutions Professional Disinfecting spray service can be applied immediately. 

However, the solution  is not meant to cut through heavy soil ━ especially grease or oil. If your area has been inactive for a long period of time or just needs an overall cleaning, it should be done before application of disinfectant. 


Mold, Mildew, and Odors

Besides eliminating Covid-19 virus and bacteria, our solution kills mold and mildew while it removes unpleasant odors at their source. 

This service is ideal for reopening any public space. Moving forward, it will be the most cost-effective protection from disease that you can buy. We will help you decide on specific areas and how often your facility should be treated.


 Used on a wide range of soft surfaces. Kills odors and odor-causing bacteria on soft surfaces by eliminating the source. Great for upholstery, curtains, and auto interiors.

EPA listed, NFS and CDC certified


VitalOxide SDS

This material is not considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 2012 (29 CFR 1910.1200)

sprayerVitalOxide Info Sheet