Some cleaning contractors make the mistake of using domestic vacuums instead of commercial vacuums for their cleaning work. While it is certainly true that domestic vacuums are cheaper and easier to get, it is also true that they were never intended for large contract cleaning projects.

Residential Vacuums Are There to Make Life Easy

Residential vacuums are made to be easy to use and store, and are powerful enough to clean the home environment. Most are very versatile, packing a variety of attachments which makes them great for everything from the kitchen floor to getting the dust out of that carved furniture in the study.

The downside is that the motor in a residential model is not meant to run for hours at a time, dealing with heavy debris found in public spaces.

Commercial Vacuums Are Meant to Tackle the Tough Jobs With More Power

The difference in power between commercial and domestic vacuums is significant. The commercial version is meant to be able to clean large spaces in very little time. This usually still amounts to 5 hours at a time, 5 or 6 days a week, often while being subjected to rough handling.

Commercial Vacuums Have Larger Airflows

The size of the airflow vents dictate the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. When driven by a powerful motor, larger flows can pull more dirt off the surface quickly and easily. Large jobs like offices, shopping malls and other public spaces just don’t present a problem. Residential vacuums don’t compare.

Make sure your cleaner is using the right equipment.

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