Of course, people see your reception/entry area first. From the personnel to the reception desk to the seating, people are making mental notes…and judging your overall business according to what they see. Beyond that first look, lies the restroom. And this is an area that leaves a lasting impression. How many people have you heard include a comment about the restroom when describing their feelings about a business?

The most important areas to keep in perfect condition:

Counter tops, sinks and faucets - they should be gleaming, spotlessly clean. There shouldn’t be any trace of clutter. Sanitizing is not an option, it’s a must-do. More about that later.

Hand-soap options - a clean, full, pump dispenser at a minimum. No soap dish! A wall-mounted dispenser is preferable since it allows one-touch access or in the case of electronically operated dispensers no-touch.

Hand drying options - electronic dryers are an ultimate answer since they require no daily maintenance and no interaction by the user. If you go with towels, there are many choices that run the gamut from single-pull towel dispensers to touchless electronically operated models.

Doors, walls, and partitions - Make sure all of these surfaces are clean and free of fingerprints and other smudges. Stainless steel panels or door inserts only look great when they are perfectly maintained.

Toilets and urinals - be sure to pay as much attention to the outside as the inside. Every flush sends a wave of microscopic particles into the air and where they fall is anyone’s guess. Cleaning should start with the outside, leaving the cleaning agent to do its job while the inside is cleaned. Now rinse and dry with disposable towels.

Floors: Sooner or later, everything finds the floor. Dust, hair, and bits of just about everything are on the floor along with all sorts of liquids, sprays and splashes.

Vacuuming is essential to start. Otherwise all that floor debris will just become part of the washwater - not pretty.

Follow with a thorough mopping to leave your floor in great condition. Choose your cleaning liquid carefully. Dish soap and a big splash of bleach is not a good answer. A pH Neutral cleaner like NLC Solutions brand will deep clean and leave a pleasant smell.

The air: Make sure your cleaning efforts have left everything sparkling but also make sure that there are no odors in the air. If you use scented cleaning agents, choose your favorite scent and stay with it. Even your nose is sensitive to clutter.

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