Winter is here, at least Mother Nature thinks so. Very soon the calendar will agree. Though I enjoy the change of the seasons, this year I haven't been loving the effects of: 1. seemingly endless darkness, 2. penetrating cold and wind, 3. the feeling of being closed in. Even the extra layers of clothing bother me. How about the endless flu shot reminders.

So, to break away from all this I started a plan of action to make our workplace a refuge during these cold months ahead.

Clean the floors. It's like getting your shoes shined!

Floors really take a beating during the winter. Ice melter, salt, and various grit is tracked in by everyone who comes through the door. Clumps of snow or just water from the street is here too. First step to take is installing mats at each entrance. Nice brushy ones to catch as much debris as possible. For entrances with hard flooring, be sure to sweep and mop as needed. The quicker you can remove the dirt and contaminants the better. Same for carpeting. Vacuum up those salt crystals before they stain. (Come to think of it, not too different from how you should treat your shoes.)

Windows – Bring in the Light

Keeping windows clean in winter is essential to keeping spirits high. Dingy windows reduce the amount of sunlight in the office. Smudges are highlighted whenever light hits them. Losing the natural light and passive heat can reduce productivity and lower the spirits of employees and customers. Take advantage of that strong sunlight on bright days and bring it inside. It helps dry floors, warm the air, bring a smile or two .

Be Vigilant When It Comes to Bacteria and Virus

Set a goal of an illness free winter. Sure, very hard but you will at least lessen the sick days if you try. Use sanitizers to clean your office equipment, especially high-touch items like telephones, keyboards, countertops, tables, and doorknobs. Killing viruses and preventing the spread of germs can be done with organic products that leave your office smelling clean without leaving harsh residue. Sanitizing wipes or gel dispensers can work wonders on preventing disease. Remember, the great majority of germs and viruses enter the body through the eyes, so keep those hands clean.

Clean the Air to Breathe Easier

Interior air can become stale and germ laden, especially if your interior ventilation is not perfect. Make sure all vents and blowers are dust-free and functional. We can't tell you how many times we find a vent that has been shut to control air conditioning but causes problems when the heat is on.

Another place to work on is the floor. That's right, it is a bad cycle - every contaminent in the facility eventually winds up on the floor, where it is ground up and then flies back into the air. Make sure your carpeting is being vacuumed with a HEPA filter which keeps even the smallest particles from taking flight.

It is a big job but the payoff is great. Less sickness and better morale are great benefits.

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