Our #1 Tip for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service:

Think of everything!

Or at least make sure you check all of the following.

Choosing a commercial cleaning service is a big decision, one you will have to live with for the life of the contract you sign. (By the way, be aware that inserting a probationary period into the contract is a great way to see if the company is a good fit for yours.)

So, you’ll want to be as sure as possible about your new service. Let’s look at the following major points:

Experience Counts – We mean specific experience. Full-service cleaning is a popular claim made by most companies. In reality, there are not a lot of companies that do everything equally well. Make sure your candidate has some history with the kind of service you require – from a factory to a doctor’s office. Don’t be shy about asking for references.

Reputation – Look for a company with a significant track record. Ideal candidates tend to be independent non-franchise companies that have been in business for a number of years. They work locally and their management is on-hand full-time. Make sure you get a good feeling about their dedication to customer service.

Attention to Your Needs – It is essential for your candidate to have a thorough understanding of your facility and the work that is done there. Be sure that they make an on-site assessment of your facility for two reasons:

1. The cleaning professional can only evaluate the scope of service required by surveying the facility and noting areas that may require extra attention. They can also make suggestions on streamlining the service for greater cost-efficiency.

2. If your service company depends on an estimate given over the phone is likely to be accurate, it says bad things about their overall business approach.

Clean Means Healthy – The underlying reason for cleaning at all is the health, safety, and well-being of the people in the facility. Make sure your cleaning service takes this very seriously. Ask about technique regarding a sanitary restroom, break room or locker area. Do they use HEPA filters on their vacuums to ensure air quality? Are disinfectants regularly used to clean high-touch areas throughout the facility?

Management Involvement – Is there a task checklist to guide cleaners? Will there be a supervisor who comes by on a regular basis? Is there a central contact point in case you need to seek assistance with your service? Now is the time to ask.

Scheduling – Flexibility on the part of the cleaning company is a must. You are the customer. They must be ready to clean when most convenient for you, your staff, and your customers. Open communication is important here, there usually is a way to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems of timing.

We hope these tips will help you find a commercial cleaning service that perfectly fits your needs. We suggest that a great place to start your search is right here at NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning and Supplies, your local, family-run cleaning experts for over 30 years.

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