Cleaning Up the Bottom Line

Are you still thinking that it is too expensive for you to hire outside help when it comes to cleaning your business? We'd suggest that NLC Solutions' flexible, customized service can be an affordable answer to this question.

1. Does Hiring Outside Help Save?

It is NOT a cost savings to have skilled employees with specialized skills tidying up the restroom. Trust us. Your salaried personnel are paid the same whether they are crunching numbers on a spreadsheet or pushing a broom. Which activity adds to your bottom line? NLC Solutions provides cleaning personnel at attractive rates, especially compared to your full-time employees. When you consider the efficiency of a professional cleaning team, the gap becomes even wider.

2. A Professional Approach Minimizes Risk

As a business owner or manager, you are well aware of how easy it is for someone to be injured on your premises -- especially when they are involved with something outside of their job description. Even employees who "can never do enough" can end up exposed to risks. This is where the true value of professional cleaners comes to light. NLC Solutions professionals are trained, bonded, and insured. Their attention is focused on the job at hand rather than trying to clean while answering the phone. Their training allows them to use heavy commercial equipment safely. The same goes for using the correct cleaning solution for each job. It even affects to how they are careful to avoid cross-contamination when choosing a cloth or mop. Finally, they are trained to take protective measures while working.

3. Staff Morale & Client Reassurance

When you feel good, things just seem to go better. Here at NLC Solutions, "feel good" is our main goal. And yes we are somewhat biased, but we firmly believe that when a work area is clean and orderly, people feel better and perform better. It's contagious. When your staff feels cared for it's natural to want to make your customers happy as well. A little bit of cleaning can go a long way.

4. Better Health = Higher Produtivity

Cleaning the work environment from floor to ceiling - including the air - leads to better health. Healthier employees miss less time due to illness. It's a definite plus to minimize the time staff misses due to illness. And by missed time, we mean days when an employee makes it to work but just doesn't have what it takes. Worse yet, the gung-ho employee is likely to make others sick. Professional cleaners use tested techniques to rid your workplace surfaces of bacteria and get rid of airborne contaminants. Keep your staff happy and healthy with a commercial cleaner.

5. A Professional Cleaner Sweats the Details for You

It is no small undertaking to gather the cleaning solutions, wipes, gloves etc. needed for an effective cleaning effort. All the small tools, carts, and commercial vacuums cost money and need to be maintained. Additionally, a large office can go through a daunting amount of consumables in the form of paper goods for restrooms, break rooms, lockers and the like. Do you really need another list of things to order? Do you have the time to check your inventory? No, right?

We think you will agree that a commercial cleaner is not just an added expense. Give NLC Solutions a call and see what we can offer your business. 908-753-3900.