Economical luxury... oxymoron?

Taking the sizable task of keeping your business clean and handing it to someone else sure sounds like a luxury. That is until you really compare your investment in professional cleaners with the value of the time you get back. When you and your staff pay attention to your business, things go better, clients are happier, profits go up. Some obvious examples...

Customer appeal and staff morale.

A good first impression sets a positive tone. The cleanliness of your facility has an impact on all facets of your business. Clients are put off by an untidy environment. Dust, dirt and bad odors just say, "Stop! Do not enter!" Clean is the only way to go. Besides making a positive first impression on clients, neat clean offices, restrooms, break rooms, and manufacturing areas keep employee morale and productivity high. When management looks out for the well-being of its personnel, it sends a message that they care.

Health and cleanliness go hand-in-hand.

Every business depends on their employees to be productive and energetic - focused on the day's tasks. This is not possible if an employee falls ill. Doubly frustrating when it seems likely the illness was contracted on the premises.

Good commercial cleaning services have the expertise and experience to really clean and sanitize your business. Starting with the floors, they employ professional equipment such as heavy-duty vacuums with HEPA filtration to keep germs and contaminants out of the air. Additionally, simple things like mops are used only in specified areas to avoid cross-contamination. Nor are wiping rags brought from one area to another. Surfaces that require simple dusting will also be treated with sanitizing spray - killing germs on the spot. Reducing germs saves money by reducing illness and increasing productivity in the long run.

Safety and compliance.

Reputable commercial cleaners and office cleaning services are licensed, insured and bonded. The agencies providing these certifications demand that commercial cleaners adhere to a strict list of rules covering everything from ethical business practices to an acute awareness of safety and best practice guidelines to proper documentation of cleaning products and chemicals to ensure health and safety to anyone exposed to them. Being proactive in these areas is essential in a business sense and a legal one.

Time Is Money

In today's businesses, you can seldom find an idle staff member, let alone one who has free time for dusting. Employees are skilled in their area of expertise and they are most valuable to the business when allowed to function at a high level. Professional cleaners can do the work faster and more cost-efficiently.

It's time to treat yourself and your business to economical luxury. Give us a call at NLC Solutions for a fast price quote - 908-753-3900.