It's true. What's on the floor (or your desktop, or just about every surface) doesn't usually stay there.

"The mere act of walking across the room can stir up a virtual "perfect storm" of germs, dust, hair, fibers and other nasty stuff. When we breathe in this polluted air, it has an instant negative effect on our quality of life."

What to do? - The way to effectively eliminate pollutants is to stop them at the source. You guessed it, that's where your cleaning service comes in. At NLC Solutions, we are well aware of the negative impact air-borne pollutants can have.

So we fight them from the bottom up. Floors are first. Hard floors and carpeting are vacuumed with professional-grade machines that are equipped with HEPA filters. These vacuums are more powerful than residential models so they dig deep to pull out dirt, allergens, and bacteria.

Horizontal surfaces are wiped down with dust-catching cloths to remove and capture the dust and dirt, preventing it from floating back into the air you breathe.

Vertical surfaces receive our attention as well. Static electricity, textured wall coverings and wood grain paneling love dust. Making sure these surfaces are thoroughly clean is key to maintaining healthy air quality.

Ensure the air quality at your business, give the cleaning experts at NLC Solutions a call. We'll give you a work environment that is sparkling clean.

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