Why Clean Your Doors...? To keep the germs out!

Usually, the first thing a person touches when entering your business is the front door. Even automated doors have multiple touchpoints that get plenty of hand contact. Your doors are magnets for the many forms of dirt and bacteria that can hurt you and your visitors. Yet they often go unnoticed in the course of a busy workday. Combine this with the fact that one of the easiest ways for germs to enter your body is through your eyes... touch a dirty surface and absent-mindedly wipe your eye? Welcome germs.

What to do?

First, ask your commercial cleaner to pay special attention when cleaning your doors. In fact, do the same for all high-touch areas. A wet cloth used to wipe away the obvious dirt, fingerprints, and smudges is a start but not enough. Especially if that cloth has been used elsewhere and carries its own contaminants. Your cleaning service should use a clean wipe with a germicidal solution when they clean in order to really sanitize these spots – each time they service your business.

To keep your office, restroom, and entry doors clean and to stop the spread of bacteria throughout the day, provide easy access to sanitizing wipes or a pump bottle of sanitizing, no-rinse lotion in your reception area.

These small steps can help keep your office clean and healthy.

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