Things happen when they want to happen. Like when you find yourself with a large unsightly spot in the middle of your office carpeting. And your commercial cleaners aren’t scheduled to work their magic for a couple days. You can take action.

The various suggestions listed below can work wonders on stained carpeting or upholstery. The benefits of your efforts are two-fold: 1. at least the worst of the spot will be gone. 2. whatever you remove before your regular cleaners arrive will be less likely to have dried and become permanent.

The potions –

Ammonia, vinegar, or both - aggressive solvents. Use straight, flood with water, blot.

WD-40, shaving cream, hair spray - the first two will emulsify oil and grease. Hair spray mixes with oils, when dry, brush or vacuum

Rubbing alcohol - cuts oil and grease. Follow with baking soda or salt, then vacuum.

Hydrogen Peroxide - good on its own, mix with baking soda for home-made oxyclean.

Paint remover - for paints, stains, nail-polish and similar stains.*

Dry-cleaning fluid - use it for removing anything greasy or oily. *

The powders –

Salt - breaks down oils, food related spills (even ketchup!). Sprinkle generously, let stand a few minutes, vacuum. Repeat as necessary.

Baking soda – in a league of its own. Sprinkle on, brush, vacuum. Mix with hydrogen peroxide for diy oxyclean. Also mixes well with alcohol, ammonia, vinegar.

Borax, meat tenderizer, corn starch - generously sprinkle on, rub or brush into the fibers, vacuum. Good for most spots including wine, blood, sauces, and other liquids rich in proteins.

The magic -

Ice cubes - spot freeze substances like chewing gum or caulk to break up and remove the heavy stuff.

Club soda - for pet stains, coffee, tea, and much more. The first response to a spill at any diner, “Put club soda on it!” Must have something to do with the carbon dioxide.

Beer - surprise. Mix with a little corn starch.

Tools to make things easier - tooth brush, small plastic spatulas, moist wipes. Be creative! Rumor has it that fabric softening sheets perform some surprising feats.

*Test in an inconspicuous spot for color fastness.

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