Auto Dealership to Jewelry Showroom —Commercial Cleaning Services

You've got a great product. Beautifully designed, brilliantly crafted, a work of art. It's time to make sure your showroom looks as good. Time to call NLC Solutions!

We know what it takes to create a spotlessly clean interior, from the gleaming floors to the glass and mirrors to the dust-free nooks and crannys. Our cleaning teams are well-trained and experienced. They are professionals who know how to work hard on getting at the tracked in dirt that can ruin that all-important first impression.NLC Solutions Showroom Cleaning

NLC Solutions offers commercial cleaning services tailored to the needs of your selling floor.

After our initial assessment, we will talk with you to make sure we have a good focus on all the areas you know are important. At NLC Solutions, we know how to create a commercial environment that is organized, healthy, safe, and clean. But, we still know the importance of listening.

Beyond the superior cleaning results, NLC Solutions allows you and your staff to focus on running the business. Starting with a clean showroom is a surefire way to grab the attention of your customers, raise your company's image and improve employee morale!

At NLC Solutions, we can handle everything pertaining to showroom cleaning, including:

• Disinfecting and deodorizing throughout
• Dust and/or wet mopping hard surface floors
• Vacuuming display rugs and carpeting
• Glass and mirror cleaning with eco-friendly glass cleaners
• Clean, polish, and disinfect displays, surfaces, items, and furniture in your showroom
• Fingerprint & smudge removal

Why choose NLC Solutions Commercial Cleaning Services?

NLC Solutions has over 30 years of experience – showrooms included.

We understand that every showroom is different. We pay great attention to detail when dusting, cleaning, and polishing everything from delicate exhibits and furniture to autos.

We always have our clients' health in mind, utilizing non-toxic cleaning products, and highly filtered vacuums to reduce air-borne contaminents. Our ultimate goal is a safe and healthy work environment.

Please call for a custom quote. (908) 753-3900.