Make sure to include NLC Solutions in your renovation plans.

Before you can move into the new space, it will have to be thoroughly cleaned.

Nothing seems to make as much dust, dirt, and general debris as interior renovation. And, when not addressed immediately and thoroughly it tends to stay around for a very long time. This can be a daily nuisance but often becomes an ongoing threat to air quality and overall health.


The more you can contain the dust and dirt, the less work will have to be done. Make use of the various “dust barriers” available today. If there are areas that are not involved in the project, tape them off if at all possible. This applies to restrooms - curtain the entry doors. Be sure to remove or wrap all sensitive equipment.

ROUGH CLEANING at each stage

We can work with your contractor to do periodic clean-ups as each phase of the project progresses. We make sure that debris is not allowed to pile up to the point of being a major safety hazard. This allows each stage of the project to proceed efficiently. Details include:

  • Dispose of trash, dirt and debris including unneeded labeling, signage, and packaging
  • Clean toilets, sinks and countertops
  • Clean inside cabinets and clear active surface areas
  • Safety check utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas and garages
  • Ensure water heaters, air ducts, and appliances are clean and unobstructed

The final cleaning...time for NLC Solutions’ Construction Cleaning Services

Our teams know where dust likes to hide and take pride in removing it – leaving you with a pristine work environment.

For comprehensive post-construction cleaning think NLC Solutions

We’ve been cleaning for satisfied customers for 35 years. We apply our experience and expertise to every project we do. If you own or manage a property that is about to undergo renovation, we can handle the post-construction cleaning for you. Please call for a free, no-obligation estimate. (908) 753-3900.

We have the experienced team to get you through the construction process - from interim rough cleans to final perfection. 

To discuss how our construction cleaning services can work for you, please give us a call at (908)753-3900 today