NLC Solutions Brand Commercial Cleaning Supplies

From popular national brands to economical commercial products. All priced to help those who do their own cleaning save big. We also welcome independent cleaning services with prices way below retail. Put a list together and contact us for a quote.

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NLC Solutions All-Purpose Cleaner

NLC Solutions All-purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer removes soil from all water-proof surfaces. Leave sparkling floors (all popular synthetics), marble, ceramic and other stone surfaces.

NLC Solutions Mega Degreaser

NLC Solutions Mega Degreaser

A butyl based degreaser formulated for commercial kitchen floors, stainless steel and other hard surfaces.

NLC Solutions Neutral Floor Cleaner

NLC Solutions Neutral Floor Cleaner

A combination of synthetic detergents designed to clean and deodorize any surface without harming the finish. Excellent for damp mopping, light cleaning, and overall grime. Use throughout the facility.

NLC Solutions Window Cleaner

NLC Solutions Window & Glass Cleaner

Ready to use cleaner for all glass and polished surfaces. Cuts grease and film fast. Fortified with special agents to dry quickly without streaks.