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Commercial Cleaning Services Near Somerset

Are you looking for a reputable commercial cleaning service provider in Somerset, NJ? At NLC Solutions, we have got you covered with a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions at the most affordable rates. We have been in the business since 1986 and have delivered consistent results since our inception. We do not make promises that we cannot deliver.

About Somerset

Somerset is an unincorporated community located within the Franklin Township in Somerset County. It is known to have housed one of the first Marconi Wireless Stations in the U.S. The present-day Marconi Park was once a site of current New Brunswick Marconi Station. In the past, it was a radio transmitter facility that was established in 1913 – which was later confiscated by the US Navy.

Commercial Cleaning Services In Somerset

  • Floor Care in Somerset:NLC Solutions delivers comprehensive commercial floor cleaning services, from floor waxing and stripping to carpet cleaning. These services can be scheduled at a time slot that does not disrupt your business.
  • Industrial Cleaning Services in Somerset:We use the most effective cleaning techniques and products to ensure your commercial space looks clean and is hygienic.
  • Green Cleaning Services in Somerset:At NLC Solutions, we only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies that do not contribute to polluting the Earth.
  • Cleaning Supplies in Somerset:Need to restock your janitorial supplies? NLC Solutions offers stainless steel cleaners, green certified foam soaps, ScottFold towels, trash can liners, and more.

Schedule a comprehensive cleaning assessment with NLC Solutions today. You can call us at (908) 753-3900 or email us at for more information.

The 5 Top Reasons NLC Solutions Does it Better:
Our 5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Comprehensive needs
assessment & itemized
scope of services

Communication is key. When
everyone’s on the same page and
the expectations are clear, the
results are reliable and impressive.

Customized services
for every situation

You get the cleaning
services you need.

5-point Satisfaction Guarantee

White Glove Test
client sign-off

No job is complete until
expectations are met .

Emergency services priority

We’ll be there for you when you need us;
that’s part of the personal relationship
we build with every customer.

Free initial cleanup for contract customers!

We’re confident in our ability to meet expectations and go the extra mile right from the start to prove it.