Commercial Cleaning Services Near Plainfield

With over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, NLC Solutions has delivered stellar cleaning services to a wide variety of clients in New Jersey, Plainfield included. Whether you need to keep your showroom clean or improve the cleanliness of your production facility, we have got you covered with our customized commercial cleaning packages. When you choose to work with us, we neither over-deliver nor under-promise.

About Plainfield

Popularly known by the name of “The Queen City”, Plainfield was incorporated as a city in 1869, from the sections of Plainfield Township. The township and city coexisted until 1878, when the former was dissolved and parts were taken by the city. The term “Plainfield”, also used in both South Plainfield and North Plainfield has been derived from its scenic location.

Commercial Cleaning Services In Plainfield

  • Floor Care in Plainfield:NLC Solutions has a team of skilled floor care specialists that can facilitate floor maintenance and carpet cleaning services during early morning or late-night hours. We can work without disrupting your daily operations.
  • Industrial Cleaning Services in Plainfield:Our professional industrial cleaning services always ensure the premises are spick and span.
  • Green Cleaning Services in Plainfield:We use green cleaning products and supplies that do not have the ability to harm the environment.
  • Cleaning Supplies in Plainfield:NLC Solutions offers a wide array of cleaning supplies at the most competitive rates.

Email us at or give a call at (908) 753-3900 to request for a free cleaning assessment or quotation.

The 5 Top Reasons NLC Solutions Does it Better:
Our 5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Comprehensive needs
assessment & itemized
scope of services

Communication is key. When
everyone’s on the same page and
the expectations are clear, the
results are reliable and impressive.

Customized services
for every situation

You get the cleaning
services you need.

5-point Satisfaction Guarantee

White Glove Test
client sign-off

No job is complete until
expectations are met .

Emergency services priority

We’ll be there for you when you need us;
that’s part of the personal relationship
we build with every customer.

Free initial cleanup for contract customers!

We’re confident in our ability to meet expectations and go the extra mile right from the start to prove it.