Junk Removal & Clean-Up Services.
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Junk removal, clean up and waste removal—NLC Solutions has effective and affordable solutions for all.

Apart from improving the appearance of the work area, regular removal of trash or waste offers an environment that's fundamentally safer and healthier to work in.

At NLC Solutions, we use the most effective and efficient junk removal methods in New Jersey and offer a wide range of junk removal solutions to address your special maintenance needs:

  • Professional Commercial Cleaners in NJ


    Residential Junk Removal:Attics, basements
    yards, garages

  • Professional Commercial Cleaners in NJ


    Commercial Junk Removal:Construction sites, storage facilities,
    warehouses, distribution centers,
    office buildings

In addition to junk removal services for residential and commercial needs, we specialize in cleanups after natural and man-made disasters. We meet emergencies with rapid response times, trained emergency crews, and fast back-to-operation status for situations such as floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and tornadoes.

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of affordable cleaning supplies.

NLC Solutions is also a certified vendor of
cleaning and janitorial supplies appropriate for
all sizes and types of New Jersey businesses.

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Union County Businesses –

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“Finally a company that actually does what they say from cleaning and sanitizing our facility to delivering supplies. Terrific management and employees. They do not disappoint.”